The Astonishing First Pentakill of Worlds 2023: Details and Analysis

The Astonishing First Pentakill of Worlds 2023: Details and Analysis

10. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The Worlds 2023 of League of Legends kicked off with overpowering energy, and we didn’t have to wait long to witness epic moments. Route, the renowned Korean ADC from team LOUD, delivered one of those moments by achieving the tournament’s first pentakill.

Route’s Dominant Performance with Kai’Sa

Route opted for Kai’Sa, one of the most popular and versatile champions in the bot lane. His skills and team synergy allowed him to post a remarkable score of 11/0/5. This standout performance clearly showcases his readiness and prowess, positioning LOUD as one of the teams to closely watch in the tournament.

LOUD vs GAM Esports: A Match to Remember

The clash between Brazil’s Team LOUD and Vietnam’s GAM Esports had us on the edge of our seats. Even though it was just the second match series on the first day of Worlds 2023, the teams delivered a showdown worthy of a grand finale.

The match video displays the Brazilian marksman, in total control of the game, executing a masterful play culminating in a pentakill. This feat not only thrilled fans but also underscored LOUD’s absolute dominance over GAM Esports, reflected in the end result.

Will it be the first of many?

Route’s pentakill is just the beginning of Worlds 2023 of League of Legends. It’s already all the rage on Reddit. If this play is an indication of what’s to come, fans can anticipate a tournament filled with surprises and thrilling moments. It’s essential to stay updated with each match and closely follow promising teams like LOUD.