Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Nostalgia’s Streaming Audience Power

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Nostalgia’s Streaming Audience Power

12. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a digital environment where nostalgia and innovation intersect, Sony’s recent release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (FF7 Rebirth) has captured the attention of gamers and spectators alike.

Serving as the second entry in the Remake Trilogy of the original Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation, this title has proven to be particularly significant, covering crucial events from the original game and presenting an alternative timeline that has reignited hope among fans for possible changes in the fate of iconic characters.

Streaming Performance

Since its release, FF7 Rebirth has experienced commendable performance on streaming platforms, with 17K unique channels broadcasting the game on its second day post-launch. At its peak, 162K viewers tuned in across all platforms, with Twitch contributing the most with 84% of the total audience.

This underscores the continued interest and excitement of fans for the direction taken by game director Naoki Hamaguchi with the Remake Trilogy.

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Streamer Influence

Streamer Maximilian_DOOD led the hype coverage of FF7 Rebirth, accumulating 711K hours watched, nearly triple that of the next most popular streamer, CohhCarnage, with 250K hours watched.

Interestingly, Chinese-speaking streamers were the primary creators of FF7 Rebirth content, with 蝦愛橘子 (shuteye_orange) emerging as the third most popular streamer with 234K hours watched.

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Comparisons and Insights

Compared to other recent titles in the Final Fantasy series, FF7 Rebirth has held steady, garnering 8.1M hours watched in its first week, comparable to the latest main series release, Final Fantasy XVI, which attracted 12M hours watched in its opening week.

However, it only reached half the audience of its predecessor, the Final Fantasy VII Remake, which generated around 17M hours watched due to the hype surrounding the revival of the original game.

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The legacy and reputation of the Final Fantasy series have propelled FF7 Rebirth to the top of the first-week audience for any recently released JRPG.

This impressive performance demonstrates that remakes and remasters play a significant role in preserving gaming history, allowing older titles to be more accessible and appealing to a modern audience without sacrificing originality.

With anticipation growing for the final entry in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy, exclusive to PlayStation consoles, expectations remain high for Square Enix to deliver an altered yet equally satisfying experience compared to the original.

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