FIFA 23: Year in Review SBC

FIFA 23: Year in Review SBC

28. March 2023 by miranda angeles

FIFA 23 developers have created a fantastic opportunity for all the game users who haven’t had the chance to get all the amazing cards they have released. Of course, we are talking about the Year in Review SBC player pick.

With this new challenge, game fans can get their hands on an incredible card that aims to improve the Ultimate Team squad significantly.

However, it is important to remember that the nature of this challenge relies on luck to get the best items. So there is no way to anticipate what will be the reward that users who decide to complete it will receive. But without a doubt, the fact that the reward at the end of the challenge is a mystery adds a lot of excitement to this SBC.

Let’s discuss your tasks to get the reward and the coins necessary to complete the challenge. After knowing all this information, you can decide if it is worth trusting in the chance to get the reward.

Player of the Year for the Year in Review SBC

You can tell that the game developers wanted to keep things easy for all players. Therefore, this SBC is within reach of novice and experienced players, as you only have to complete two tasks successfully. Moreover, players in both tasks must fulfill fairly simple requirements.

List of tasks

Task 1

  • Players must create a template with a rating of 84.

Task 2

  • You must create a squad with at least one player of the week.
  • The squad must have a rating of 86

SBC Year in Review Cost

Users who purchase all the material must invest approximately 166,000 coins to complete the player of the year selection challenge. Similarly, resources can be saved by using fodder from personal collections.

The time to complete this challenge is limited, as it is only available for a few days until April 1.

However, by completing the challenges that EA Sports is launching every day for the anniversary of the Ultimate Team, you can get useful material to use in this challenge. You get reward packs by completing the FUT Birthday challenges in almost every task. Some of them are very useful in this SBC.

The easiest way to lower the cost of this challenge is to play as many game modes as possible to get packs; this way, use the rewards as fodder and not have to resort to the in-game market to buy them.

Challenge Reward

In FIFA 23, very powerful and unique SBC and items have been released over the past few months. We have good news for you: these amazing cards are in the reward pool for this challenge. Players who complete the Year in Review SBC will have four card options that can be included in their squads.