FIFA 23: TOTS Challenge 1 is worth completing

FIFA 23: TOTS Challenge 1 is worth completing

1. May 2023 by miranda angeles

FIFA 23 has recently seen the arrival of the first daily SBC challenge SBC, which offers players the chance to earn XP that can be used towards their Season Pass.

In the Season Team campaign, the trade-in levels offer some very attractive packs. But that’s not all. Players also earn XP to progress in different levels of the game.

It can be said that the game developers have given a great start to the season since players can get into this challenge with amazing rewards. However, it is important to remember that by the nature of this challenge, players depend on luck when receiving the reward.

Nevertheless, thousands of players love trying their luck in these challenges. In addition, knowing the cost of completing the TOTS 1 Challenge SBC will attract many players. But not only because of the cost but also because some rewards are very powerful cards for soccer players.

All about the TOTS 1 Challenge SBC

The TOTS 1 Challenge allows FIFA 23 users to use all the material in their collections in exchange for interesting packs as rewards. But that’s not all. As mentioned, this challenge also bounces as a reward XP, with which players can advance in the season’s levels.

Now, players who want to try their luck with the TOTS 1 Challenge SBC have the opportunity to complete it until May 5 and must meet the following requirements:

TOTS Challenge 1 SBC Requirements

To complete the TOTS 1 Challenge SBC, players must form a squad with three players from different leagues. In addition, four players from the same club must be included, and there must be three unique players.

Furthermore, the squad players must create a star rating of at least 77 and a chemistry of 22.

Cost of the TOTS 1 Challenge SBC

Players wishing to complete the TOTS 1 Challenge SBC must invest approximately 5,300 coins. Therefore, it can be said that this is a fairly inexpensive challenge with very simple requirements. In addition, the cost mentioned above can be reduced if players have useful material in their collections.

TOTS Challenge 1 SBC Reward

The reward for completing TOTS Challenge 1 SBC is an envelope of five unique gold players from the Netherlands. This reward is intended to be used by FIFA users in the Eredivisie Season Team.

It is important to note that this challenge can only be completed once, but the players in the packs are transferable.

It is worth completing the TOTS Challenge 1 SBC

After knowing the cost and reward, we recommend that players complete the TOTS 1 Challenge SBC. Both to try their luck and to advance in the season pass levels. This challenge is an excellent opportunity.

In addition, as we commented, the players we get in the packs are transferable, so surely you can easily recover the coins invested. On the other hand, the reward for being a Dutch player there is a great possibility of getting very useful players in the current goal of the game.