FIFA 23: Tolisso FUT Birthday SBC

FIFA 23: Tolisso FUT Birthday SBC

6. April 2023 by miranda angeles

A new SBC challenge was launched yesterday in FIFA 23, where players can get their hands on the upgraded Corentin Tolisso card. This enhanced version of the footballer arrives in the FUT Birthday campaign.

This challenge is ideal for all those who like to earn things on their own merits and not rely on luck. Those wishing to complete Tolisso’s SBC can do so until April 19.

Now, let’s look at all the information about the new SBC released by EA Sports.

Tolisso FUT Birthday SBC

All those FIFA 23 users who wish to complete Corentin Tolisso’s birthday will be rewarded with a card with improved and quite complete stats. However, to get this card, you must first complete the tasks associated with this challenge.

Corentin Tolisso’s tasks

To complete Tolisso’s SBC, you must complete the following assignments:

  • Form a squad with 85 on average that includes a player from France.
  • Form an average squad with 86, including an IF and a player from Ligue 1.

Corentin Tolisso’s SBC cost

All players wishing to get Tolisso’s reward card must spend around 195,000 coins to buy all the fodder. However, the cost can be significantly reduced if players have the material in their collection.

Corentin Tolisso’s SBC Reward

As an individual reward for each of the tasks, players will get a small reward:

  • Premium player mix, and an electro top player pack.

However, the reward that all players want is a card with a rating of 89.

Corentin Tolisso’s card statistics.

  • Pace: 80
  • Shooting: 87
  • Passing: 85
  • Dribbling: 88
  • Defense: 86
  • Physical: 85

With Tolisso’s improved stats, we expect the player to perform quite well on both sides of the field in-game. Thanks to his good interception, intelligence, and numbers stealing, he can be a solid box-box option.

We can say that this is a very formidable midfielder for the current game; thanks to that, he can be included in a wide variety of squads and greatly help his teammates.

Tolisso’s combination of stats is very convincing. However, they are not exceptional. But we should remember that he can perform very well in defense and attack.

In addition, we should highlight his shooting attribute, which is a positive factor for a reasonable-cost midfielder; on the other hand, other great factors are his short and long passing.

All the attributes that Corentin Tolisso possesses make him a very good option, so we recommend him if you have the time and money. This player can work perfectly for teams in France and Ligue 1.