FIFA 23: SBC Michail Antonio of the FUT Birthday Campaign

FIFA 23: SBC Michail Antonio of the FUT Birthday Campaign

29. March 2023 by miranda angeles

The Ultimate Team anniversary celebration continues; this time, EA Sports has released an improved Michail Antonio card. By completing this SBC, all players can include him with an interesting striker in their Ultimate Team squad.

This challenge is perfect for all those players who don’t like to leave anything to chance; in this case, once you complete all the associated tasks, you are guaranteed a reward.

With the SBC Michail Antonio in the FUT Birthday campaign, you know the reward and the total cost of the challenge in advance, so it will be much easier to decide if it is worth completing it.

Now, let’s talk about the tasks to complete in the Michail Antonio SBC and all the details about this new challenge.

Michail Antonio SBC from the FUT Birthday

The developers of the game, during the celebration of the anniversary of Ultimate Team, has included very solid cards that work very well in FIFA 23. With this challenge, it will be the same; players will get a very powerful card by completing the tasks associated with this SBC.

List of tasks

I: The Premier League

  • Players must create a squad that includes a Premier League player
  • The squad must have a star rating of 82

II: In top form

  • Players must create a squad featuring a player from the team of the week.
  • The squad must have a Star Rating of 83

III: Squad 86

  • The squad must have a star rating of 86

Cost of Michail Antonio’s SBC

The cost of Michail Antonio’s SBC may vary depending on the material in your collection or if you need to buy it all from the in-game market. If you must get everything from the market, the completion cost is 157,000 coins. However, by using your material, the price decreases significantly, and you can save for the next challenges.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the material in your collection, you can get it by playing different game modes. Michail Antonio’s SBC will be active for 12 days, so you have enough time to complete it quietly.

Michail Antonio’s SBC Rewards

The game rewards you with an envelope for completing each task. In this case, with task 1, you get a pack of unique gold players; with task 2, a pack of gold players; with task 3, a pack of Electro Prime players.

The Michail Antonio card, ranked at 89, is the primary reward.

Card statistics

  • Pace: 91
  • Shooting: 87
  • Passing: 83
  • Dribbling: 88
  • Defense: 65
  • Physicality: 89

Looking at the stats of Michail Antonio’s card, we can say that he is quite a complete option for a striker. Furthermore, the relation between quality and price is very good, so he can be an excellent option to be included in Premier League squads.