FIFA 23: SBC Alex Iwobi from the FUT Birthday Campaign

FIFA 23: SBC Alex Iwobi from the FUT Birthday Campaign

27. March 2023 by miranda angeles

EA Sports is a machine for creating content for FIFA 23 players; this time, they have released the Alex Iwobi SBC as part of the Ultimate Team anniversary celebration. The Alex Iwobi SBC is the second card to be released by the footballer, and for all those players who wish to get it, this is the right opportunity.

In the Ultimate Team anniversary campaign, almost all the items have been released in the game as packs. So to get the best things, you need to have luck on your side. However, this time it is different. Getting Alex Iwobi’s card depends on your skills and that you fulfill the tasks set for this SBC.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know to complete the Alex Iwobi SBC. First, you will learn about the tasks you must complete, their cost, and other details that will allow you to decide whether to complete the challenge.

Alex Iwobi, SBC from the FUT Birthday Campaign

The new version of the Alex Iwobi card seems to be a very interesting option to add to our templates. If we consider the stats of the basic version of the footballer, getting an upgraded version is very useful in the game.

Luckily, EA Sports has released that enhanced version of Alex Iwobi, and we can say that it is a simple challenge. To complete Alex Iwobi’s SBC, players only need to complete two assignments, and both have fairly simple requirements.

List of tasks

Task 1: In top form

  • Players must include a player from the team of the week in their squad.
  • Team ranking of 83

Task 2: Premier League

  • Players must include in their squad one player from the Premier League team
  • Team ranking of 86

Cost of SBC Alex Iwobi

To complete the SBC, Alex Iwobi players must spend approximately 22,700 coins for the first task and 121,650 for the second task. So in total, to buy all the material of the SBC Alex Iwobi, it takes 144,350 coins. But we have good news for you, that cost can be reduced if each player uses material from personal collections.

Another way to minimize the cost is to get useful material for the SBC Alex Iwobi through other game modes; the challenge will be active until April 9.

SBC Alex Iwobi Reward

All players who finish the SBC Alex Iwobi tasks will receive the following:

  • Task 1: A pack with mixed players.
  • Task 2: A pack of Electro Premium players.

However, the main reward is the 89-point Alex Iwobi card.

Card statistics.

  • Pace: 89
  • Shooting: 85
  • Passing: 84
  • Dribbling: 94
  • Defense: 41
  • Physicality: 62

With these stats, we can see that Alex Iwobi’s card has some lights and some shadows. Furthermore, we should highlight that his Dribbling value works well at the current game moment. However, his defense and physicality are not very strong.