FIFA 23: Pedro’s FUT Birthday SBC

FIFA 23: Pedro’s FUT Birthday SBC

4. April 2023 by miranda angeles

After a great amount of content released by EA Sports to celebrate Ultimate Team’s birthday, an improved card of the player Pedro Rodriguez arrives. Thanks to the excellent performance of the Spanish footballer, the basic card of the game has received several improvements.

Pedro has played a fundamental role in European soccer, so FIFA wanted to give him another upgrade. All players who wish to complete Pedro’s SBC have time until April 17.

Pedro’s SBC FUT Birthday

During the last few years, the footballer has made his career in different clubs, including Chelsea and Barcelona. Currently, we can enjoy watching him play for Lazio.

Thanks to his impressive form and consistent performance, he has become one of the most loved footballers by sports lovers. Pedro has managed to conquer European soccer, winning many people’s affection.

Being a player so loved by the public, EA Sports wanted it to be a simple challenge, and many users could complete it without problems. Therefore, it is only necessary to complete one task to get the reward.

Pedro’s FUT Birthday SBC Task

  • To complete Pedro’s unique task, you need to create a team with a star rating of 86, including a Serie A player.

Pedro’s FUT Birthday SBC Cost

To complete Pedro’s task, you need 118,000 coins to buy all the gear. If you do not need to buy all the fodder, completing Pedro’s SBC will be much cheaper.

Pedro’s FUT Birthday SBC Reward

After completing Pedro’s SBC FIFA task, 23 users get a player card with 88 rating points.

Card statistics

  • Pace: 90
  • Dribbling: 92
  • Shooting: 85
  • Defending: 41
  • Passing: 86
  • Physicality: 63

Is Pedro FUT Birthday SBC worth completing?

We consider him one of the most interesting SBC players of the year. Regarding luxury cards, he should be worse because of his lack of strength, and his finishing and shot power stats are far from the top. But, it is incredible to combine his numbers and stars, costing so little.

We can say that this is an incredible bargain, an excellent card at a very low price. With Pedro’s stats, he should work perfectly in short-distance runs. However, long-distance runs may be his weak point.

With Pedro’s card, players can create a disturbing scenario for their opponents. Pedro is one of the most unbalanced players in current goal-scoring in one on one situations in goal.

Despite having some weaknesses, we consider him to be a great attacker. So we recommend completing Pedro’s SBC. He should not stand out on the run as a striker, but receiving the ball near the goal could be very good.