FIFA 23: Leonardo Bonucci Flashback SBC

FIFA 23: Leonardo Bonucci Flashback SBC

17. April 2023 by miranda angeles

The Leonardo Bonucci Flashback SBC is currently available in FIFA 23. With this new challenge, players can get an upgraded card from the footballer. The Italian veteran’s skills are very well represented in the new version of the player.

Users who want to get the Italian card must complete all the tasks before July 7, when the challenge ends.

Read on if you want to know the Leonardo Bonucci Flashback SEB tasks and the approximate cost.

Leonardo Bonucci Flashback SBC

For fans of the Italian player, the new version of Leonardo Bonucci is an excellent option to be used as a defender. As mentioned, the game developers have perfectly captured the player’s real-life skills in their new card.

To get Leonardo Bonucci’s card, players must complete all the tasks in a specific order and fulfill the specifications imposed in each task.

Leonardo Bonucci Flashback SBC task list


  • The players must form a squad with a Juventus player; moreover, the squad must have 84 rating points.

Serie A

  • The players must form a squad where a Serie A player is included; moreover, the squad has to have 86 rating points.

Leonardo Bonucci Flashback SBC Cost

The cost of Leonardo Bonucci Flashback SBC completion is approximately 148,000 coins; for the first task, players must invest about 35,000 coins, and for the second task, about 113,000 coins.

This completion cost depends largely on the amount of fodder purchased; it is much lower if players have fodder in their collections.

Leonardo Bonucci Flashback SBC Reward

Players receive a main reward in each of the challenges EA Sports releases. In this case, it is an upgraded version of the Italian player. In addition, players receive rewards for each task.

Rewards for the tasks:

  • 1x Electro Prime Player pack
  • 1x small pack of TOP player mix

Leonardo Bonucci card statistics

  • Pace: 84
  • Shooting: 66
  • Passing: 77
  • Dribbling: 79
  • Defense: 92
  • Physical: 87

With the stats of Leonardo Bonucci’s new card, we can say he more than meets the requirements of a good center-back. The player will dominate the field and stand out for his intelligence. Although the case of Leonardo Bonucci is atypical to see in the game, it is an economic challenge, but the player has great statistics. Usually, cards with stats of this level are much more expensive.

Leonardo Bonucci’s interception, steals, and tackles stats are very good. With this card, you can reach perfection after applying Shadow.

To conclude, we must say that this card is one of the best options for center-backs if we consider the quality and the price. So we recommend all users complete this challenge.