FIFA 23: Junior Firpo Objectives of the FUT Ballers Campaign

FIFA 23: Junior Firpo Objectives of the FUT Ballers Campaign

22. March 2023 by miranda angeles

In FIFA 23, a new challenge has been added, which is ideal for all those game lovers who don’t want to spend a lot of coins and get an amazing card. But, of course, we are talking about the Junior Firpo Objective, which has been included in the FUT Ballers campaign.

With this new challenge, EA Sports has added four objects to the FUT Ballers campaign. However, this time it is a Objective  and not SBC, so users can only get the player’s card without the option to receive upgrades.

Although the card cannot receive extra upgrades, the reward for this challenge is fantastic. All game users must complete the challenge tasks to unlock the reward.

If you want to know all the details of the Junior Firpo Objective, read on.

Junior Firpo Objective  Challenge

To complete the Junior Firpo Objective challenge, players must complete some tasks that EA Sports has imposed.

This challenge is a great opportunity for many players who want to invest a few coins. So the Junior Firpo Objective is an opportunity that they should not miss.

To complete the challenge, players must complete a total of seven tasks.

List of tasks

1st Task

  • You must play a FUT Champions match.

2nd Task

  • You must play five FUT Champions matches.

3rd Task

  • You must win one FUT Champions match.

4th Task

  • You must win five FUT Champions matches.

5th Task

  • You must win ten FUT Champions matches.

6th Task

  • You must win fifteen FUT Champions matches.

7tn Task

  • You must win twenty FUT Champions matches.

Challenge rewards

After completing each of the tasks, players receive some non-transferable packages. In addition, the final reward is the 87-point version of Firpo.

Task rewards

  • Double-player pack for 83+
  • You will be able to choose two cards from a deck of at least 84
  • One player chooses from 3 decks of cards of 84+.
  • You can choose two players from 4 decks of 84+ cards.
  • Double-player pack for 85+

Card Stats: 87

  • Pace: 90
  • Shooting: 76
  • Passing: 82
  • Dribbling: 86
  • Defense: 85
  • Physicality: 87

The rewards for completing each of the tasks give you very useful material for your FIFA 23 squads. However, the final reward is a card with very good stats.

Thanks to the combination of his stats, Firpo’s card works very well in the game’s meta. In addition, it can generate very good chemistry in the templates.

It can represent a complicated challenge for some novice players, but if you study the tasks well, you can complete them without problems. Besides, you have enough time to finish it since Firpo’s object challenge will be available for two more weeks.