FIFA 23: How to complete the Shapeshifters Challenge 2 SBC

FIFA 23: How to complete the Shapeshifters Challenge 2 SBC

18. June 2023 by miranda angeles

EA Sports has made the Shapeshifters Challenge 2 SBC available to all FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players. With this new challenge, players can get their hands on different packs and thus try their luck during the game’s most recent promotion.

Given that game fans are constantly eager to buy the packs on the FUT marketplace, the fact that this second challenge will be released during the event is quite encouraging for the future.

FIFA 23 players have received the Shapeshifters promotion very well, so it is off to a phenomenal start. That fact has been demonstrated with the first group of excellent players, which the gaming community greatly appreciated.

Many FIFA 23 users love trying to get excellent rewards, so this SBC is very interesting. Thanks to the possibility of getting one of these elusive special items, the latest Shapeshifters Challenge 2 SBC is much more attractive.

All details about Shapeshifters Challenge 2 SBC

With the Shapeshifters promotion, EA Sports has raised the bar again after seven weeks of the TOTS promotion. The last promotion had a lot to say about the quality of the footballers offered in rewards. The entire pool of TOTS players raised the power curve of the current FIFA 23 meta. With Pele, Van Dijk, and Bruno Fernandes leading the way, the tournament has lived up to the expectations of the game’s users.

On the second day of the promotion, EA Sports debuted the SBC Shapeshifters Challenge 2, giving players hope that this will become a frequent challenge.

At this point, many FIFA 23 players ask how they can complete the Shapeshifters Challenge 2 SBC. For this occasion, EA Sports has left things simple; only one task needs to be completed.

Shapeshifters Challenge 2 SBC task

  • Leagues: Maximum 3
  • N° of players in the same league: Max 5
  • N° of players from the same club: Max. 2
  • Overall team rating: Minimum 70
  • Total team chemistry: Minimum 13

Cost of SBC Shapeshifters Challenge 2

As a result of these straightforward and simple conditions, the SBC is incredibly inexpensive in today’s game market. Thanks to the fact that the rating requirements are very low and the quality of players is also low, this SBC can be completed with just 3,700 coins. Undoubtedly, it is one of the cheapest challenges in FIFA 23, so both novice and expert players can complete this SBC easily.

It is important to note that this challenge is available for only a few days, so we recommend completing it as soon as possible.

SBC Shapeshifters Challenge 2 Reward

Players who complete the SBC will get a pack with interchangeable players; however, the players’ quality depends entirely on each player’s luck. Considering this challenge is inexpensive, it is worth trying our luck and seeing which player we can get.