FIFA 23: How to complete the SBC Rodri MOTM of the UCL

FIFA 23: How to complete the SBC Rodri MOTM of the UCL

12. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, FIFA 23 developers have released a new version of Rodri, which can be achieved through an SBC challenge. Throughout this season, the Spanish midfielder has had an excellent performance, and the game developers have been able to represent his statistics on a card for Ultimate Team perfectly.

Let’s remember that Rodri scored the glory goal for Manchester; thanks to that goal, his team won the Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, and the FA Cup. It was undoubtedly an impressive treble; it was also the first time the team was crowned the European champion. Rodri’s spectacular campaign and the glory goal have earned him the UCL MOTM SBC object in FIFA 23.

Today we tell you all the details of Rodri’s new UCL MOTM SBC object, from the tasks to the cost and whether it is worth getting.

All the details of Rodri’s UCL SBC MOTM SBC

To complete Rodri’s SBC, all FIFA 23 users only need one task. This SBC will be available until June 17, so players have plenty of time to complete the challenge at their leisure.


Players must create a team including at least one Manchester City player and one player from the week or team of the season. This team must have a minimum rating of 87 stars.

Cost of the UCL Rodri MOTM SBC

With only one associated task, this is a challenge, so the cost is relatively inexpensive. If it is necessary to buy all the fodder, about 106,850 coins must be invested; however, the cost will not be the same for any player as it depends largely on the material you have in your collection. In addition, all players can complete different game modes to get useful material for Rodri’s SBC.

UCL Rodri’s SBC MOTM Rewards

Players who complete Rodri’s SBC task are rewarded with a player card with an average score of 91.

Rodri’s card statistics

  • Pace: 87
  • Shooting: 88
  • Passing: 89
  • Dribbling: 89
  • Defense: 91
  • Physical: 92

With the Spanish midfielder’s stats, FIFA 23 players will have a fairly balanced player. In addition, he can play an excellent role as an outstanding assistant.

On the other hand, this card will stand out, compared to other destructive midfielders in FIFA 23, thanks to his wingspan. Because although his defensive numbers are high, they are becoming increasingly common. Rodri MOTM is expected to be one of the best MCDs in the Ultimate Team.

We consider this Rodri card an incredible offer, so no FIFA 23 player should pass it up.