FIFA 23: How to complete the SBC of Donyell Malen POTM of the Bundesliga

FIFA 23: How to complete the SBC of Donyell Malen POTM of the Bundesliga

19. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Over the years, EA Sports has been known for keeping all users. This time they have launched a new SBC of Donyell Malen POTM from the Bundesliga. All users who complete this SBC will get an upgraded footballer card.

Thanks to the nature of Donyell Malen’s POTM challenge, users are aware of the SBC’s reward. So no one should depend on the chance to get a good card.

That is why today we bring you a guide detailing the Donyell Malen POTM challenge.

SBC of Donyell Malen POTM of the Bundesliga

For this SBC, the game developers have kept things simple for all users; as only one task needs to be completed to get the reward. In addition, users have enough time to take this challenge easily, as it is available until June 16.

Donyell Malen POTM SBC Task

In the Donyell Malen POTM SBC task, players must assemble a team with at least one player from the Bundesliga. In addition, a player from the team of the week or the team of the season must be included. At the same time, this team must have a rating of at least 84 stars.

Cost of the Donyell Malen POTM SBC

As this is a challenge with only one associated task, the cost of the SBC is relatively inexpensive. Players who must purchase all the fodder in the marketplace to complete the Donyell Malen SBC must spend about 39,150 coins.

However, this cost can be reduced if material from the user’s collection is used. But that’s not all; the cost can continue to decrease if the material is obtained through other FIFA game modes; remember that this challenge will be available for a long time.

Donyell Malen POTM SBC Reward

Players who complete the task associated with this challenge get an upgraded Donyell Malen card.

Donyell Malen Card Stats

  • Pace: 94
  • Shooting: 88
  • Passing: 85
  • Dribbling: 90
  • Defense: 46
  • Physical: 86

The new version of Donyell Malen has four skill stars and a bad leg.

Thanks to the new stats of Donyell Malen’s card, users with low budgets have an excellent option of a complete striker at a low cost. This player will be able to perform very well against different defensive systems. However, he will not be top-level.

On the other hand, Malen POTM can be a good affordable option because he does not miss stars. In addition, none of the important attributes are too low, and his physical conditions will allow him to be harmful against advanced defenses. So he will be able to adapt to different types of opponents.

So, for all those users looking for a decent striker and who do not have much budget, Donyell Malen POTM is an excellent choice.