FIFA 23: How to complete the FUTTIES Quentin Timber SBC

FIFA 23: How to complete the FUTTIES Quentin Timber SBC

18. August 2023 by miranda angeles

EA Sports has released the FUTTIES Quentin Timber SBC as week four of the FUTTIES promotion in FIFA 23 is ending. Undoubtedly, all Dutch soccer fans will be thrilled by including this footballer as a special promotional card. Let’s remember that Quentin Timber is now considered one of the best players in the Eredivisie.

EA Sports has managed to regularly offer a lot of unique material in packs and SBCs. This is why the FUTTIES promotion has been a special and appreciated event for the players. With the latest challenge included in this promotion, players can get their hands on a premium item with very little effort. Best of all, you don’t have to rely on luck to get the reward. You have to complete the tasks set.

All the details of FUTTIES Quentin Timber SBC

Quentin Timber usually goes unnoticed, especially after learning that his brother Jurrien Timber is leaving for Arsenal. However, Quentin Timber is a footballer with great potential and great skills. That is why the game developers released a new card representing his skills.

For its part, EA Sports has left things extremely simple with the FUTTIES Quentin Timber SBC, as you only need to complete one task to get the reward.

FUTTIES Quentin Timber SBC task

  • N° players from the Netherlands: Minimum 1
  • Team Rating: 87
  • N° of players in the squad: 11

Cost of FUTTIES Quentin Timber SBC

Players who must buy all the fodder to complete the FUTTIES Quentin Timber SBC must invest around 71,000 FUT Coins. However, using material from the players’ collection can greatly reduce that cost. Also, by playing the different FIFA 23 game modes, you can get useful material for this challenge. Thus you can save a lot more coins.

FUTTIES Quentin Timber SBC Reward

After completing the single task of the FUTTIES, Quentin Timber SBC players are rewarded with an average footballer card of 95 points. The card has the following statistics:

  • Pace: 93
  • Shooting: 89
  • Passing: 99
  • Dribbling: 93
  • Defense: 93
  • Physical: 93

Undoubtedly, the stats of Quentin Timber’s new card allow us to use him in different defensive positions. In addition, this card has a special chemistry so that it can be included in various templates. Best of all, you can get this card for very little money. So we recommend all players complete this challenge. It will be a simple task for all players to integrate Quentin Timber in any template; the best is that it will bring you great results.