FIFA 23: How to complete the Edmond Tapsoba Premium Shapeshifters SBC

FIFA 23: How to complete the Edmond Tapsoba Premium Shapeshifters SBC

6. July 2023 by miranda angeles

The latest addition from EA Sports for the Shapeshifters promotion has been the Edmond Tapsoba Premium Shapeshifters SBC challenge. This new in-game item has arrived a little later than the typical release period for this promotion.

Each new card in this promotion is undoubtedly more incredible than the previous one. For example, in the case of Bayer Leverkusen central defender Edmond Tapsoba, he now becomes a goalkeeper. This new card offers FIFA 23 players excellent links to Bundesliga footballers.

Remember that in FIFA 23, premium Shapeshiftes challenges add unique chemistry advantages to the squad. These challenges are arguably similar to FUT Heroes concerning the chemistry they provide to Ultimate Team squads. Therefore, the Tapsoba Premium Shapeshifters SBC reward card is much more special and attractive for Bundesliga teams.

If you want to know all the details of this new FIFA 23 challenge, continue reading.

All the details of the Edmond Tapsoba Premium Shapeshifters SBC

Recall that, for the first time, EA Sports has presented many goalkeeper items thanks to the Shapeshifters promotion. Each goalkeeper changed shape to excel in another position different from real life. In the case of Edmond Tapsoba, it happens. On the contrary, the footballer will stop playing as a defender to take care of the goal.

To complete this challenge and get the reward, FIFA 23 players must complete a single task imposed by EA Sports. To complete this task, players must meet the following requirements:

Task Edmond Tapsoba Premium Shapeshifters

  • N° of Bundesliga players: Minimum 1
  • N° of TOTW or TOTS or FUT Champions players: Minimum 1
  • Team Rating: 84
  • N° of players in the team: 11

Cost of the Edmond Tapsoba Premium Shapeshifters SBC

To complete the Edmond Tapsoba Premium Shapeshifters SBC, players buying all the fodder in the market must invest 35,000 coins. It can be said that this is an economic challenge that both novice and expert players can complete with ease.

But best of all, this cost can be reduced by using existing fodder in the players’ collection. Now, if you don’t have any player of the week or season, you can complete the TOTW or TOTS upgrade SBCs and thus save coins.

Edmond Tapsoba Premium Shapeshifters SBC Rewards

Players who complete the Edmond Tapsoba Premium Shapeshifters SBC task are rewarded with a player card with an average score of 92 points.

 Card statistics:

  • Overall: 92
  • Diving: 92
  • Handling: 90
  • Kick: 90
  • Reflexes: 92
  • Speed: 75
  • Position: 92

Thanks to Edmond Tapsoba’s height and physique, the new card becomes an excellent option for the current goalkeeper in the game. Also, thanks to Edmond Tapsoba’s excellent stats, he will be a great choice as a goalkeeper for the Bundesliga. So we recommend all players complete this challenge.