FIFA 23: How to complete Shapeshifters Lisandro Martinez SBC in FIFA 23

FIFA 23: How to complete Shapeshifters Lisandro Martinez SBC in FIFA 23

4. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Every day EA Sports adds new content to the game. This time the FIFA 23 developers have included a challenge for users to obtain the Lisandro Martinez card for the Shapeshifters promotion. Thanks to the nature of this promotion, the Manchester United footballer now has excellent stats for a right winger.

Recall that, in real life, Argentina’s Lisandro Martinez is one of the most adaptable defenders in the world. However, with the new Shapeshifters card, the Argentinean can play different positions on the field; but thanks to the card’s statistics, he is considered an attacker.

Undoubtedly, the Shapeshifters promotion has made FIFA 23 players intrigued every day. Most users want to know what the new addition will be and the player’s role in the game. At the moment, players have a lot of challenges in the game, but the most recent one is the Shapeshifters Lisandro Martinez SBC.

That is why today we bring you a guide with each of the details of this new challenge. Here you will know what the tasks are to be performed, the cost of the SBC, and the reward.

All the details of the Shapeshifters Lisandro Martínez SBC

Players who want to complete the Shapeshifters Lisandro Martinez SBC must complete two tasks imposed by EA Sports. This way, they can get the challenge reward. Now, the tasks to be completed are as follows:

Tasks to complete Shapeshifters Lisandro Martinez SBC

Premier League

  • N° of Premier League players: Minimum 1
  • N° of TOTW or TOTS or FUT Champions players: Minimum 1
  • Team Rating: 87
  • N° of players in the team: 11

Top Form

  • N° of players TOTW or TOTS or FUT Champions: Minimum 1
  • Team Rating: 88
  • N° of players in the team: 11

Cost of Shapeshifters Lisandro Martinez SBC

Players who need to buy all the fodder for Shapeshifters Lisandro Martinez SBC on the market must invest 200,000 coins. Novice players may find this challenge costly; however, the cost is reasonable considering that 87 and 88-point templates must be created.

Shapeshifters Lisandro Martinez SBC Reward

After completing the two tasks FIFA 23 players are rewarded with Lisando Martinez’s Shapeshifters card with an average score of 94 points. The Argentinian’s new card has the following statistics:

Card statistics

  • Pace: 95
  • Shooting: 91
  • Passing: 92
  • Dribbling: 94
  • Defense: 78
  • Physical: 86

This new card is designed to be used on the right wing, a completely different position from the one we are used to seeing Lisandro Martinez. However, the new card works perfectly in the game’s current meta thanks to the stats. So we recommend players complete this challenge.