FIFA 23: How to complete Gerard Deulofeu Flashback SBC

FIFA 23: How to complete Gerard Deulofeu Flashback SBC

30. April 2023 by miranda angeles

In FIFA 23, new challenges keep arriving for players to improve their card collections. The new challenge in the game is the Gerard Deulofeu SBC, this enhanced card of the footballer belongs to the Flashback promotion in Ultimate Team.

All users should remember that each challenge coming to FIFA 23 is available for a limited time. So, everyone who wants to get their hands on Gerard Deulofeu’s upgraded card can complete the challenge until May 6.

Many users will ask if it is worth completing the Gerard Deulofeu SBC. So today, we bring you all the details about the challenge so you can decide if this new version of the footballer is worth it.

Gerard Deulofeu Flashback SBC

The developers of FIFA 23 have made things very easy for all users who want to get their hands on Gerard Deulofeu’s card. To complete this, SBC players only need to complete one task.

Gerard Deulofeu Task

FIFA 23 players must assemble a squad that meets the following requirements:

  • One Premier League player
  • Two players from GRL 86
  • One TOTS player or one TOTW player
  • Minimum squad rating of 85 stars

Cost of Gerard Deulofeu’s SBC

In the Gerard Deulofeu challenge having only one task is relatively inexpensive. Players should invest approximately 55,800 coins if they need all the materials on the market. However, if players have useful material in their collections, the cost of Gerard Deulofeu’s SBC will be much lower.

Gerard Deulofeu SBC Reward

FIFA 23 users who decide to complete Gerard Deulofeu’s SBC will be rewarded with an upgrade card for the player.

Gerard Deulofeu card statistics

  • Pace: 96
  • Shooting: 88
  • Passing: 87
  • Dribbling: 92
  • Defense: 42
  • Physical: 81

It can be said that the performance of the new version of Gerard Deulofeu’s card has good statistics. Moreover, the pace of the footballer is quite remarkable.

On the other hand, it can be said that the statistics regarding Gerard Deulofeu’s shooting are not very surprising in this era of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. However, they can be enough to hit on many opportunities if used with the right chemistries.

Now, when looking at Gerard Deulofeu’s passing numbers, they are comparable to his shooting numbers. In other words, they are not outstanding but solid and can deliver quite well on numerous occasions. So the new version of Gerard Deulofeu is very useful despite not being a Top card. This card can offer a pretty decent performance, although it won’t be as unbalancing as top cards can be.

Therefore, considering the quality and price, it is a good option for many FIFA 23 users. We especially recommend this card for those players who do not have such a high budget.