FIFA 23: FUT Birthday Campaign

FIFA 23: FUT Birthday Campaign

25. March 2023 by miranda angeles

EA Sports is in charge of keeping all its users entertained with its many available challenges. This time, as part of Ultimate Team’s anniversary, it has launched the FUT Birthday campaign.

In the FUT Birthday campaign, players who complete the challenges will get a variety of amazing packs and items. The footballer cards included in the rewards are based on their performance and future potential.

EA Sports is repeating this year’s FUT Birthday campaign, which commemorates the launch of this popular game mode. The first time players were able to enjoy Ultimate Team was in the FIFA 09 edition.

This time around, all those who decide to join the challenge will be able to get a total of 30 exchange tokens; as long as they complete all the tasks in the challenge. Read on to find out all the details about FUT Birthday 2023.

All about FUT Birthday 2023

The FUT Birthday campaign is underway and will be available until April 7. Now, if you complete the items set in the campaign, you can get cards like Lingard, Alessandrini, and versions with very good stats of other players.

In addition to the cards mentioned, players can get Gregore and a very powerful version of Daniel Maldini.

Players, to get all the rewards, must complete the following challenges.

Challenge list

Challenge 1: Key location

  • Score goals: 4
  • Difficulty: Semi-professional minimum


  • FUT Birthday Trading Card
  • Gregore FUT Birthday

Challenge 2: Party in style

  • Score goals: 15 (Using Gregore FUT Birthday)
  • Difficulty: Semi-professional minimum


  • Maldini Basic Icon (Loan Version)

Challenge 3: Family Ties

  • Play five matches (Using Basic Icon Maldini)
  • Difficulty: Semi-professional minimum


  • Icon Daniel Maldini (out of position)

Challenge 4: Family Party

  • You must play three matches and keep a clean sheet (Using the Maldini Base and Maldini out-of-position version).
  • Difficulty: Semi-professional minimum

Challenge 5: Nostalgic Ambiance

  • You must play seven team battles (Using Maldini Base and Maldini out-of-position version)
  • Difficulty: Semi-professional minimum


  • TOTW Rashford
  • Jesse Lingard FUT Birthday

Challenge 6: Birthday Meeting

  • You must play and win eight team battles (Using Rashford and Jesse Lingard).
  • Difficulty: Semi-professional minimum


  • Alessandrini FUT Birthday

Challenge 7: Teamwork

  • You must play and win ten team battles (Using Birthday Gregore, Maldini OOP, Alessandrini, and Lingard)
  • Difficulty: Semi-professional minimum

Rewards for completing all challenges

After finishing all challenges, FIFA 23 players can get the following rewards:

  • A player 86+
  • FB Team
  • RTTF
  • FF
  • Pack in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: 1

In addition to the cards, you get with each of the challenges.

We recommend you play in Squad Battles mode to complete all the challenges. Each player can set the challenge level in this game mode depending on their skills.