FIFA 23: Ederson SBC in the FUT Ballers Campaign

FIFA 23: Ederson SBC in the FUT Ballers Campaign

24. March 2023 by miranda angeles

The FUT Ballers campaign continues to give interesting content to all FIFA 23 fans; this time, they have launched the Ederson SBC. This challenge is a great opportunity for those players who want to get a good card without investing so much money.

Fans of the game tend to love SBC challenges as they don’t rely on luck to get great cards. Instead, in this challenging style, players must complete the tasks set by EA Sports and know the reward beforehand.

For the FUT Ballers campaign challenges, EA Sports has stuck to squad-building challenges, which have been characterized by having very economical prices to be affordable for all players.

Now, let’s discuss the tasks in the Ederson challenge and see if they are worth completing.

Ederson SBC in the FUT Ballers campaign

Ederson’s SBC is the last challenge to complete in the FUT Ballers campaign. So the game developers have increased the cost a bit compared to the other challenges; however, they have also increased the stats of the reward card.

All players who want to get Ederson’s card must complete two tasks.

List of tasks

Task 1: Brazil

  • You must create a squad with at least one player from Brazil.
  • Minimum squad rating of 82

Task 2: Premier League

  • You must create a squad with at least one player from the Premier League.
  • You must create a squad with at least one player from the team of the week.
  • Minimum squad rating of 83

Cost of the challenge

Players required to get the fodder in the market to complete the first task will spend around 23,400 coins; to complete the second task, 46,000 coins. So they will have to spend approximately 69,400 coins. However, the completion cost can be greatly reduced by using material from the personal collection.

In addition, players can get extra material in other game modes that can be used to complete Ederson’s tasks. This challenge is available until March 31.

Challenge Reward

Players receive a reward for completing each of the tasks

  • Reward task 1: 1 pack of Gold
  • Reward task 2: 1 pack of Premium players

However, completing only one task is not recommended, as the best reward is the Ederson card with a rating of 90.

Card statistics

  • Jumping: 88
  • Handling: 83
  • Serve: 94
  • Reflexes: 89
  • Speed: 66
  • Positioning: 90

The stats on this card are fantastic for a goalkeeper. However, players can get an upgraded version by completing an in-game objective.

Ederson: 91

Players who want to get the upgraded version of Ederson must complete the following objective.

  • You must win five games using the Ederson card version 90. The games must be on amateur difficulty.


  • Jumping: 89
  • Handling: 84
  • Serve: 95
  • Reflexes: 99
  • Speed: 67
  • Positioning: 91

By completing the Ederson tasks, we can have a card with very good stats to perform well in the game. It also has a reasonable cost for the stats of the card.