FIFA 23: Carlos Alberto Prime Icon

FIFA 23: Carlos Alberto Prime Icon

12. April 2023 by miranda angeles

 In FIFA 23, all users have a unique opportunity to get a new player who is a legend in the game. Of course, we are talking about Carlos Alberto; this new player version can be obtained through a template creation challenge.

This is the perfect challenge for all players who are more conventional and do not like to leave anything to chance. As this is an SBC, players must complete the programmed tasks, and as a reward, they will receive a card that they know in advance.

Carlos Alberto Prime Icon

EA Sports has launched a new challenge to remember one of the best defenders that soccer has seen in many years. The new version of Carlos Alberto, with his stats, presents the player in his golden age.

All players who wish to get their hands on the player’s card must complete the six tasks that EA Sports has set for this challenge.

Carlos Alberto SBC Tasks

 A legend is born – Task 1

  • Build a team with eleven unique players of bronze quality.

New Promise – Task 2

  • Build a team with eleven unique players of silver quality.

O Capitão do Tri – Task 3

  • Build a team including one player from the Brazilian national team and one IF player.
  • The team must have a minimum rating of 84.

Team of 87 – Task 4

  • Build a team with a rating of 87.

 Top Team – Task 5

  • Build a team with a minimum rating of 87 that includes an IF player.

Team 88 – Task 6

  • Build a team with a rating of 88.

Cost of Carlos Alberto’s SBC

Generally, challenges that include many tasks usually provide great rewards; however, remember that the completion cost is a bit high. For example, to complete the Carlos Alberto SBC, 695,000 coins are needed if necessary to buy all the fodder.

However, not all players will have to invest so many coins in this challenge; everything will depend on each player’s fodder in their collections. Also, if they don’t have much material, they can get it by completing other challenges or playing different game modes; Carlos Alberto’s SCB is available until June 7.

Carlos Alberto’s SBC Rewards

Each player will receive the following rewards for completing each task:

  • Two packs of two unique gold players
  • One pack of Electro Prime players
  • Two small packs of unique gold players
  • One pack of Premium Gold players

In addition to these packs, they receive the main reward, Carlos Alberto’s 93-point card.

Card statistics

  • Pace: 90
  • Shooting: 66
  • Passing: 81
  • Dribbling: 86
  • Defense: 90
  • Physical: 87

For the current FIFA meta, his passing stats are very good; on the other hand, if combined with the defensive stats, they make him an incredible option to use the player as a central defender. In addition, players should remember that with this card, they will have a player that stands out in his speed.