FIFA 23: Antoine Griezmann POTM of LaLiga Santander

FIFA 23: Antoine Griezmann POTM of LaLiga Santander

31. March 2023 by miranda angeles

EA Sports has incorporated a more powerful version of Antoine Griezmann’s previous card. The new addition of the footballer in POTM is because he has won the title of the best player of March.

FIFA users wishing to complete the French player’s new challenge will not have to rely on luck. Instead, completing the tasks associated with this challenge will earn them an excellent card.

Read on to discover all the details of Antoine Griezmann’s new challenge and determine if it is worth completing.

Antoine Griezmann POTM for LaLiga Santander

All players who decide to complete the Antoine Griezmann SBC will have a whole month to do so. This challenge will be available until April 30.

This new, improved version of Antoine Griezmann does not surprise us; the French player has earned his new card with merit. Moreover, in the last month, Griezmann has played an impeccable game for which he has received the title of the best player of March in LaLiga Santander.

You must complete only two tasks to get Antoine Griezmann’s new card. Therefore, it can be said that this is a relatively simple SBC.

List of Tasks

Task I: France

  • A player from the France national team must be included in the team created by the players.
  • The squad must have a star rating of 86.

Task II: LaLiga

  • A player from LaLiga must be included in the team created by the players.
  • The squad must have a star rating of 87

Cost of Antoine Griezmann POTM

Players who must buy all the fodder must spend in the task I approximately 120,350 coins and task II, 176,900 coins in total 297,250 coins. However, the cost of Antoine Griezmann POTM can be reduced using fodder from the player’s collection.

Antoine Griezmann POTM Reward

FIFA 23 users who complete the Antoine Griezmann challenge will receive A small pack of top gold players for completing the first task. In addition, they will receive a small pack of gold Unico players to complete the second task. But that’s not all; the most important reward is an 89 points version of Griezmann, which has an extraordinary combination of stats.

Antoine Griezmann card statistics.

  • Pace: 88
  • Shooting: 89
  • Passing: 90
  • Dribbling: 92
  • Defense: 59
  • Physicality: 82

The combination of stats on this card makes it ideal for performing excellently in any LaLiga team. In addition, this card is ideal for all those players who dominate games through ball possession.

This version of Griezmann makes him a very quality attacker as it perfectly combines his dribbling, passing, and shooting stats.

If you have the material in your collection or the coins to buy the fodder in the market, we recommend completing this Antoine Griezmann SBC.