FGC pros using the cracked Street Fighter 6 beta to be banned by Capcom

FGC pros using the cracked Street Fighter 6 beta to be banned by Capcom

29. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Some professional Street Fighter players were using the game’s beta crack to gain an advantage over their rivals; that’s over. Yesterday, Capcom announced that all players using the Street Fighter beta crack and found out would not be eligible to compete in the Capcom Pro Tour.

As you can see, Capcom has decided to crack down hard on cracking the game. Today we bring you all the details you need to know about the measures Capcom is taking.

Street Fighter 6 Cracked Beta

The whole discussion about the cracked beta of SF6 starts during the fall of 2022. At that time, the game developers decided to launch a restricted, closed beta. Players who could enjoy the beta had access to 8 playable characters; at that time, the test meant status for players, as very few had the chance to be part of it. On the other hand, all players who were part of the closed beta had the opportunity to get a taste of the characters’ gameplay.

However, everything has its negative side. All the players who could not access the closed beta filled the social networks with complaints. Of course, someone took the trouble to make a crack of the SF6 beta to calm down all the angry fans. Hackers took it upon themselves to create a version of the software that anyone could download and play without restrictions.

To many people, this didn’t seem like such a big deal. Considering that professional gamers have access to the game long before the game reaches everyone. Perhaps they were only thinking about content creators and their quest to generate money from this cracked beta.

However, Capcom revealed that for the Street Fighter 6 Tour, it was preparing a prize pool of $2 million, where $1 million will go directly into the hands of the champion. And as always, when talking about such large sums of money, many people are willing to do many things to get it.

Some players use the cracked beta to get an advantage over their rivals.

Japanese player Momochi, a legend of the FGC, is one of the people who has spoken out the most on the cracked beta issue. Momochi has expressed his opinion and claims that Capcom is not doing what it needs to do to prevent some players from having unfair advantages over others. In addition, the gamer comments that many pros are using the cracked beta to get to know the characters better so they can get closer to the $1 million.

And in a way, Momochi is right because, before Capcom’s announcement, much SF6 content created by professional players could be seen on YouTube. However, many argue that the cracked beta does not mean any advantage for the players using it. But it is important to note that they have an advantage as they are studying the basics of the new version of the game.

A professional gamer with early access to the game will always have an advantage over people who have not played it, even if it is not the full version. It can be said that knowing that an important part of learning how to play a new title is based on the game engine. So if they have early access, they already have a big advantage over other players.

The measures taken by Capcom seem to come a little late, as many players have used the cracked beta. So we must wait to see if there is already a list of players who will be banned or if the rule will be enforced from now on.