fer reveals salary of pro players

fer reveals salary of pro players

13. May 2023 by Andrew Williams

The 31-year-old Brazilian veteran Fernando “fer” Alvarenga has played CS:GO in SK Gaming and MIBR, among others, and can look back on a busy and successful career. Now he has revealed details about his salary at the time, and has explained how much he has earned since the beginning of his career.

At his best, fer earned about $42,000, as he revealed during the stream. Esports is becoming more and more mainstream, and with so many new viewers in the last decade, the amount of money top players make has also changed – and in the best way possible, as players are now earning significantly more thanks to increased demand.

Fer gives insight into Esport finances

With a few exceptions, salaries in esports are mostly kept secret and hardly anyone talks about how much or less you can earn. Often there is info about players’ transfer fees from the organizations, but even those are often not officially confirmed.

Last week, Kenny “kennyS” Schrub revealed that he estimates that each player who participates in the Major will earn $150,000 or more from the sale of in-game items from the event. Apparently it could be possible to earn between $500.000 – $1.000.000 for the winning players. In his stream, the former pro also revealed some details about the financial development.

fers first salary in CS 1.6 was just $40 per month. A few years later, he earned about $1,000 a month, although part of that salary was used to cover the team’s expenses in the US. After that, as his team became one of the best in the world, his salary increased, peaking at times at $42,000. When asked how much money a top CS:GO player earns in the Tier 1 scene nowadays, fer gave an estimate of $30,000.

Player’s career and earnings

fer did not mention which of the teams he played for offered him which salaries. fer is one of the most successful CS:GO players in America, having earned more than $1 million in his career. The south american pro player is not actively playing anymore and only streams at the moment. After the IEM Rio Major 2022, he decided to hang up the mouse. He celebrated the biggest success in 2016. That year he won two Major titles and was voted one of the most successful players of the year by HLTV. He played for teams like Luminosity Gaming, SK Gaming and most recently MIBR.