FC Barcelona Dives into Valorant Esports: A New Era Begins with VCL 2024 Spain

FC Barcelona Dives into Valorant Esports: A New Era Begins with VCL 2024 Spain

22. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

FC Barcelona, renowned globally in the football arena, is set to make a groundbreaking entry into Valorant esports, under the banner of Barca eSports. Joining the Valorant Challengers 2024 Spain: Rising, the team marks a significant expansion of the club’s esports involvement.

Barca eSports: The New Contender in VCL 2024 Spain

Barca eSports, representing FC Barcelona, is officially entering the Valorant scene. With the team’s debut slated for 15th January in the VCL 2024 Spain: Rising Split 1, expectations are high. Their opening match against ZETA promises to be an electrifying start to the tournament.


FC Barcelona’s Esports Legacy

  • Previous Involvement: Already competing in the League of Legends Super League, FC Barcelona has a history in esports, including a stint with a Rocket League team from 2019 to 2021.
  • Valorant Venture: Barca eSports’s foray into Valorant adds another dimension to the club’s diverse esports portfolio.

The Rivals in VCL 2024 Spain: Rising

Barca eSports will face formidable opponents, including:

  • FIVE Media Clan
  • Case Esports
  • UCAM Esports Club
  • ZETA
  • KPI Gaming
  • Ramboot Club
  • AYM Esports

These teams represent the top echelons of Spain’s national Valorant league.

The Anticipation: Barca eSports Valorant Roster

Details about Barca eSports’s Valorant roster remain under wraps, with an announcement expected early in 2024. The community eagerly awaits to see the lineup that will carry the FC Barcelona banner into Valorant.


Juli Guiu’s Vision: Expanding FC Barcelona’s Esports Horizon

Juli Guiu, Vice President of FC Barcelona, expressed the club’s ambition to explore new opportunities and reach new audiences through their participation in the Valorant competition of the LVP.

A New Trend: Football Clubs in Esports

Barca eSports joins a growing trend of football-backed esports organizations in the Valorant league:

  • Case Esports: Founded by Casemiro, Manchester United’s defensive midfielder and Brazil national team captain.
  • AYM Esports: Established by Aymeric Laporte, centre-back for Al Nassr and the Spain national team.

Barca eSports Set for VCL 2024 Spain Debut

Barca eSports’s entry into Valorant esports is more than just a new team in the league; it signifies a merging of traditional sports with the burgeoning world of esports. Their journey will be closely watched as they aim to leave a mark on Valorant just as they have in football.