FaZe Rain criticizes Grace Van Dien for joining FaZe Clan, and she responds to him

FaZe Rain criticizes Grace Van Dien for joining FaZe Clan, and she responds to him

27. May 2023 by miranda angeles

FaZe Rain has recently strongly criticized actress Grace Van Dien for joining the FaZe Clan organization; he argues that the girl has only done so because of her appearance in Stranger Things. However, Grace Van Dien has not responded to the criticism.

In recent years, the FaZe Clan esports organization has been known for partnering with different celebrities. Some celebrities arrive as partners of the organization, while others arrive to be part of the team of content creators.

Recall that the organization had added rapper Snoop Dogg, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, and a few others to its staff. However, the original FaZe Clan members comment that the organization has lost its way due to the recent financial instability they have experienced.

FaZe Rain’s Criticism of Grace Van Dien

FaZe Rain is one of the organization’s original members, a vocal opponent and critic of FaZe Clan’s new leadership and ownership. Rain’s rejection of some celebrities joining the organization is so strong that he ruined the announcement of Grace Van Dien’s joining.

According to FaZe Rain, the decision of the actress’ to join is only due to a “political” decision, which was made based on the actress’ appearance in Stranger Things.

Grace Van Dien responds to FaZe Rain’s criticisms

Grace Van Dien is an actress who can be seen very often on Twitch having fun in VALORANT games; the actress’ channel is Bluefille, where she has more than 328K followers.

A couple of days ago, the actress took advantage of a broadcast on her Twitch channel to respond to FaZe Clan’s criticism.

Grace Van Dien comments:

“I’m sorry, sir, were you present at the meeting? Were you there?”

Grace then adds that they don’t know each other and have no idea why the organization has booked her. She then comments that the meeting got her because of her performance in Stranger Things. However, she claims that her appearance in the series only opened the doors for the meeting.

Grace then comments that her signing has nothing to do with being an actress. Instead, she argues that she has signed with the organization because of issues discussed at that meeting.

She tells FaZe Rain and anyone else who wants to criticize her that they have no say, as they were not there and have no idea of the reasons for the signing.

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Despite some criticism of the decision, there has been a lot of excitement surrounding Grace’s addition and her becoming FaZe Bluefille. Although it is unclear how much she will interact with the other FaZe players.