FaZe becomes Champion of the RLCS Winter Invitational

FaZe becomes Champion of the RLCS Winter Invitational

7. March 2023 by Andrew Williams

FaZe Clan has won the RLCS Winter Invitational. With all the qualifiers done and the Winter Invitational Regionals done, all is set for the San Diego Winter Major! Read further to learn about all the winners of the RLCS Invitational including the RLCS Winter Cup rankings for MENA, NA and OCE!

FaZe Clan are Winter Regionals 3 Champions again

FaZe Clan had an impressive showing at the last Winter Cup when the team from North America dominated the Qualifier. They went into the last Qualifier of the winter season with full vigor and were ready to compete. They went on to defeat Gen.G Mobil1 Racing, ensuring that Gen.G missed out on the Grand Finals for the first time since their Esport title debut.

In the Grand Finals, FaZe played G2 Esports and beat them soundly 4-1. This is also their third regional win of the 2022-23 RLCS season. Now that the Winter Regionals have been completed, the RLCS NA Winter Rankings have also been determined. The top five teams from North America are FaZe Clan, Complexity Gaming, Dignitas, Gen.G Mobil1 Racing and G2 Esports and they are going to be the face of North America at the Winter Major in San Diego.

Rule One defeats Team Falcons

Previously known as KRN, the Saudi squad switched to Rule One when they were bought up during the fall season. Earlier in the Season, Rule One won the MENA Fall Opens with an Upset against the powerhouse, Team Falcons.

Both teams met five times! The last time in the Grand Final where Rule One took home the second win in the Qualifier. Unfortunately, the Win was not enough for Rule One to be invited to the RLCS Winter Major. Team Falcons will continue to represent the Middle east and North African region in April at the second Major of the season.

Pioneers win over Ground Zero Gaming

The Pioneers have already played Ground Zero Gaming twice in the Grand Final this winter season. In both qualifiers, they were able to finish second. This time it took seven matches in the Grand Final to find a winner between Ground Zero Gaming and the Pioneers!

They were able to secure the win very narrowly with a 4:3 lead. Both teams are going to be invited to the RLCS Winter Major because they lead the rankings and might face off again, what a rivalry between the Pioneers and Ground Zero Gaming!

So many close games all across the Rocket League scene, a very exciting San Diego Winter Major is upon us for sure!