FalleN’s reason for choosing chelo over fer as a teammate

FalleN’s reason for choosing chelo over fer as a teammate

5. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Many FalleN fans worldwide expected the veteran to choose his former teammate and two-time Major champion Fernando “fer” Alvarenga. However, FalleN has ruled out that matchup and instead chose Marcelo “chelo” Cespedes as his teammate.

Although not what the FalleN fan community wanted, it is now official that FalleN and chelo are the new FURIA players. The team officially announced their new players a couple of days ago.

Many people are wondering why FalleN prefers to play with chelo instead of fer. Today we bring the answer to that question.

FalleN’s reason for choosing chelo instead of Offer as a partner

As mentioned, the community wanted to see FalleN and fer reunite. Everyone wished they could once again enjoy a lineup like Luminosity Gaming in 2016 or SK Gaming in 2017. However, the Brazilian veteran told fer that he did not trust him this time.

Recall that FalleN and fer recently were teammates in the 2022 project called “Last Dance” in the Imperial team. This name refers to the documentary about Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls. However, things did not go as expected by the community, and fer decided to leave the team at the end of 2022 without finishing his contract.

Fer made some statements on the same day of the announcement that FalleN would now play with FURIA. Fer commented that FalleN had turned down his offer to join another squad. Instead, FalleN decided to go on his own to play in FURIA.

Fer commented that FalleN must have his reasons for declining his offer. On the other hand, Fer revealed that FalleN told him he did not “trust him” to be part of the FURIA team. Fer then assures that he understands FalleN’s point of view since, in his previous project, he left the team halfway through. Fer referred to when he left the Imperial team behind in 2022.

The fan community is enraged by Fer’s comments

After Fer’s live broadcast, his fans have been furious with FalleN. Some of these fans have attacked FalleN on social media for leaving fer out of team FURIA. However, fer has tried to calm down the upset fans by saying that despite not agreeing with FalleN’s decision, the friendship between the two of them is still very strong. In addition, fer commented that the two of them know how to differentiate their working relationship from their relationship.

FalleN may have considered the time he has fer out of the professional scene. So fer was not an option to be his partner in FURIA. Fer’s last game was at IEM Rio Major in November 2022.

Since then, fer has been dedicated to creating content, while chelo has been actively playing in the professional CS:GO scene. Chelo’s career has been steady since 2015, plus FalleN knows him very well, as they played together at Imperial.