FalleN joins FURIA’s roster

FalleN joins FURIA’s roster

4. July 2023 by miranda angeles

It has recently been announced that Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo will be the newest member of FURIA. 

FalleN joins FURIA’s roster

After many rumors and speculation, FURIA Esports finally announced and confirmed that FalleN is their new signing. For a few weeks, thousands of people speculated that the veteran player was negotiating with FURIA, while others speculated that he was already part of the organization.

Without a doubt, FURIA has made an excellent signing for their CS:GO, team. All the knowledge, experience as an AWP, and leadership are expected to benefit the organization; moreover, FalleN is expected to push the team to improve. Remember that the fall season and IEM Cologne 2023 will start in a very short time. So the veteran will be able to show with his new team all his potential in the game.

FalleN bids farewell to Imperial

Last Sunday, FalleN said goodbye to Imperial. After 17 months, the veteran says goodbye and closes his cycle with the organization. Remember that the talented Brazilian player joined the ranks of Imperial in February 2022 as part of the “Last Dance” project. Players fnx, and fer were also included in that project. Undoubtedly, the team made great strides as they qualified for several prestigious tournaments, such as the 2022 Majors, the Rio IEM, and the Antwerp PGL.

FalleN’s arrival at FURIA

The two-time Majors champion’s entry into FalleN has generated great anticipation for his new team. Fans look forward to seeing how the new AWPer takes the team to the top. Now, FalleN comes to FURIA as the main AWPer, replacing Rafael “saffee” Costa, who joined the MIBR team.

To announce FalleN’s arrival in FURIA, the organization has issued a statement where it comments on the following:

“FalleN is considered one of the best CS:GO players of all time thanks to his successful career of over 10 years. During his career, FalleN, has stood out among the players achieving important achievements in different tournaments and two victories in the Majors, the most important event for CS:GO esports.”

On the other hand, co-founder and co-CEO of FURIA, André Akkari, comments that with the arrival of FalleN to the team, they intend to unify with Brazilian esports.

In turn, Akkari comments that this union combines the best that Brazil has produced in two different generations.

“A movement that crosses generations and the Brazilian CS:GO community has united two sides previously at odds and divided by a long-standing rivalry.”

On the other hand, it is important to comment that Marcelo “chelo” Cespedes has also said goodbye to Imperial and now goes on to wear the FURIA jersey. FURIA fans are looking forward to the match between FalleN and chelo.