Fall Guys Collides with Fortnite in Epic Games’ State of Unreal Presentation

Fall Guys Collides with Fortnite in Epic Games’ State of Unreal Presentation

22. March 2024 by Never

Epic Games took center stage at the GDC 2024 with its State of Unreal presentation, alongside other notable reveals like Nintendo’s Mario Wonder level and the secrets behind Tears of the Kingdom puzzles. However, the real surprise came from the house of Unreal Engine: Fall Guys is making its way to Fortnite very soon.

Creative Collaboration

In an unexpected announcement, Epic Games revealed that elements from Fall Guys, including mini-game features and characters, will soon be available in Fortnite’s Creative Mode. Starting from Season 3 of Chapter 5, slated for May 24, 2024, creators will have access to the beloved assets of the viral free-to-play game to design levels and craft various experiences within Fortnite.

Unlikely Feats

The teaser trailer for this collaboration showcases the integration of Fall Guys’ jumpers and other objects into a Fortnite setting. However, the most surprising revelation is the newfound ability of Fall Guys’ iconic beans to swim—a feature previously unheard of in their native game.

Exciting Possibilities

With Fall Guys characters and objects set to join Fortnite’s Creative Mode imminently, Epic Games invites creators to explore the endless possibilities. The upcoming season promises to introduce a fresh wave of creativity as players incorporate elements from the whimsical world of Fall Guys into their Fortnite creations.

Fall Guys Assets Confirmed for Upcoming Season in Epic Games

Epic Games has confirmed that Fall Guys assets will be at players’ disposal in the upcoming season, signaling an exciting crossover between two popular titles. Are you ready to unleash your creativity with these new additions?