Faker’s big return to LCK

Faker’s big return to LCK

3. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Faker has had a great return to the LCK, one of the best LoL players in the world is back in action. With Faker’s return to T1, the team beat Kwangdong Freecs. Without a doubt, Faker has shown why he is considered one of the best players in the world.

Faker’s great return to the LCK

For those who did not know, Faker had been out for a month due to a hand injury. On medical advice, this player had to remain on the bench until he recovered from his injury. However, Faker has now returned to action as a starter for the T1 squad in the 2023 Summer Split in the LCK. In his return, Faker has contributed greatly to his team’s success.

According to the information released by the organization, Faker has surprisingly returned to the squad to face Kwangdong Freecs. This duel occurred yesterday, August 2, when T1 won a 2-0 victory over their opponents. Yesterday’s victory proved to the entire LCK LoL community that T1 and Faker are still the most dominant team in the league.

Yesterday, T1 posted a Twitter post informing that Faker would return to be part of the team’s starting roster. The player was in talks with the team’s coaching staff, and they always took into account his injury prognosis.

In yesterday’s matchup, T1 was able to dominate KDF and take the victory quickly. However, it is important to note that Faker was key in obtaining that result. Faker proved a competent player and always caused much damage in team battles.

But that’s not all. The rest of the squad also showed an important change. All of Faker’s teammates seemed to be different. Undoubtedly, having the big star back at T1 has brought a lot of confidence and security to the rest of the team. In yesterday’s game, T1 played with the same confidence they played with before Faker was out on medical leave.

Faker’s absence

After announcing his wrist injury, yesterday’s game was Faker’s first official game alongside T1. Recall that Faker had been inactive since the match where he and his team defeated Nongshim RedForce. Since that day, Faker was replaced by academy midlaner Poby.

While Faker was out, T1 performed dismally. During Poby’s four weeks as a starter, T1 only managed to win one game. Fortunately, T1 was able to qualify for the playoffs. However, they dropped to fifth place.

It is important to note that Faker supported his team behind the scenes despite his injury. However, his teammates did not have the best results in his absence.