Faker’s Legendary Worlds Skin: A Last-Minute Switch to Orianna?

Faker’s Legendary Worlds Skin: A Last-Minute Switch to Orianna?

22. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Faker, the celebrated champion of the 2023 League of Legends World Championship, is contemplating a significant change regarding his Worlds skin choice. This potential shift highlights the personal touch and significance these skins hold for the players.

Orianna Over Ahri: Faker’s Deliberation

During a recent stream, Faker expressed his preference for Orianna over Ahri for his Worlds 2023 skin. This decision, derived from the fact that Ahri already boasts a collection of 14 skins while Orianna has only seven, reflects Faker’s desire to bring diversity to the game’s skin portfolio.

His choice underscores his performance at Worlds 2023, where Orianna was a more frequent pick for him.

Orianna 0 1

T1 Keria’s Skin Choice: Democracy in

Keria, another T1 star, is also reevaluating his skin choice. He has taken an interactive approach by holding a poll on Instagram, inviting fans to vote between Renata Glasc, Bard, and a humorous third option of closing the poll in three hours. With Renata Glasc currently leading, it’s clear that community opinion is playing a pivotal role in these decisions.

Keria’s Performance Analysis

  • Renata Glasc: An impressive 100% win rate over five games at Worlds 2023.
  • Bard: Maintained a 100% win rate but with only three games.

Keria Voting Poll Lol

The Rest of the T1 Squad

While Faker and Keria are still deciding, other T1 members seem to have made their choices:

  • Gumayusi: Prefers Jinx.
  • Oner: Leaning towards Lee Sin.
  • Zeus: Jayce is his pick.

Anticipation and Speculation

The confirmation of DRX’s skins in May 2023 has set a precedent for a waiting period. Fans of T1 and League of Legends are eagerly anticipating the final reveal of the skins. This decision will not only reflect the players’ preferences but also their journey and triumphs in the World Championship.

A Blend of Strategy and Preference

Faker’s potential switch to Orianna and Keria’s democratic approach to selecting his skin are more than just personal choices. They embody a blend of strategic thought and a deep connection with the characters they played. As the community waits, these skin choices remain a testament to T1’s legacy and impact in League of Legends.