Faker’s Surprising Orianna Pick: Reactions and Speculations in the LoL Community

Faker’s Surprising Orianna Pick: Reactions and Speculations in the LoL Community

27. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In a move that surprised many, Faker, the legendary mid laner for T1, made headlines by choosing Orianna over Ahri for his League of Legends World Championship skin. This decision has sparked a flurry of reactions and theories within the LoL community.

Faker’s Reasoning: Why Orianna Over Ahri?

Faker’s rationale was straightforward yet strategic. He felt Ahri, with her already extensive skin collection (15, 17 including prestige editions), didn’t need another.

Instead, he opted for Orianna, who has a considerably fewer number of skins (10, 11 with the Victorious skin). This decision diverged from fellow players like Keria and Zeka, who made their choices based on different criteria.

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The Economic Angle

There’s speculation that Faker’s choice might be economically driven, considering the potential sales of an Orianna skin. However, both Ahri and Orianna received new skins in 2023, which could impact the sales dynamic of Faker’s choice.

Community Reactions and Theories

The Reddit community has been abuzz with various interpretations of Faker’s decision:

  • Revenge Theory: Some suggest Faker is getting back at Riot for delaying his desired skin.
  • Nine Tails Theory: A fan posits that Faker will choose Ahri for his ninth World title, completing a symbolic cycle.
  • Arcane Connection: A theory suggests that Faker, anticipating Orianna’s prominent role in the upcoming season of ‘Arcane’, chose her for potential future sales.
  • Creative Suggestions: There’s a playful proposal for Riot Games to integrate Ahri into Orianna’s ultimate ability as a nod to the debate.

The Heartwarming Theory: A Tribute to Grandma

One touching theory suggests that Faker chose Orianna in honor of his grandmother, who supported his early gaming days. According to this theory, his grandmother believed Orianna was the champion he played best.

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Final Thoughts

Faker’s choice of Orianna over Ahri has become more than just a gaming decision; it’s a topic of lively discussion and speculation. Whether driven by strategy, nostalgia, or economics, this choice has once again proved Faker’s influence in the League of Legends community.

Unexpected Pick

Faker’s decision to choose Orianna over Ahri continues to be a subject of fascination and discussion among League of Legends fans. His influence extends beyond the game, touching the hearts and minds of the community.