Faker: “The Midlane Will be the Most Important Role in the Game Due to the New Objectives.”

Faker: “The Midlane Will be the Most Important Role in the Game Due to the New Objectives.”

12. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Lee Sang-hyeok, better known as “Faker”, the legendary midlaner of T1, has recently shared his insights on the evolving dynamics of League of Legends in its 2024 Season. His experienced perspective particularly highlights the increased importance of the midlane role due to new early game objectives.

Faker’s Evolution in League of Legends

Faker, with over a decade at the top, four World Championships, two MSI titles, and numerous domestic victories, brings invaluable insight into the game’s strategic development.

T1 y Faker campeon de Worlds 2024

Midlane’s Enhanced Role in 2024

Early Game Objectives

The introduction of Void Larvae in the Baron Nashor pit from minute 5 to 13:50 plays a pivotal role in the early game strategy. Eliminating a Void Larva grants a significant boost, offering true damage burn against turrets for the remainder of the game.

Midlane’s Strategic Pivot

Faker emphasizes that the midlane’s ability to influence both sides of the map in the early phase is crucial. The lane’s priority, which involves pushing the lane faster than the opponent, becomes a key element in controlling these early objectives.

Faker’s Team-Centric Playstyle

Impact Beyond the Midlane Faker’s approach has always been to allocate resources and aid his teammates. With the midlane gaining more influence in 2024, Faker and T1 are poised to benefit greatly from these changes.

Midlaners to Watch in Season 2024

Prioritizing Lane Control

Champions capable of efficiently clearing minion waves and exerting lane dominance are expected to thrive in this new meta. Examples include Tristana, LeBlanc, and Neeko, known for their strong laning phase and early fight potential.

Split Pushing and Turret Pressure

These champions also excel in split pushing, with Tristana and Neeko effectively taking down turrets and LeBlanc contributing with her attack damage build. Accumulating multiple Void Larvae can create a formidable threat, amplifying the significance of dragon soul contests.

Faker Predicts Midlane Dominance in LoL 2024 Season

As the LoL community eagerly anticipates the 2024 Season, Faker’s insights offer a glimpse into the evolving meta. The enhanced role of the midlane, as outlined by Faker, suggests a season where strategic lane control and early objectives will play a crucial role in shaping the game’s competitive landscape.