Faker’s Potential Legendary Skin: A Tribute for Worlds 2023 Victory?

Faker’s Potential Legendary Skin: A Tribute for Worlds 2023 Victory?

15. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The League of Legends community is buzzing with anticipation about the possibility of T1 clinching the World Championship in 2023. Fans are passionately advocating for a unique gesture from Riot Games towards Faker, T1’s legendary player, should they win. The suggestion? A Legendary skin or even an exclusive champion created in honor of Faker.

Faker’s Illustrious Career and Fan Expectations

Faker, a global icon in the League of Legends scene, has been pivotal to T1’s (formerly SK Telecom T1) success over the last decade, including two MSI titles and three World Championships. With the finals approaching, fans eagerly await another Worlds title to further cement his legacy.

The Criteria for Faker’s Potential Skin

LoL fans agree Riot must honor Faker with incredible skin gesture if he wins Worlds again

If T1 emerges victorious, fans hope Riot will commemorate Faker with a unique skin. However, the chosen champion for this skin must meet Riot’s criteria, including being played by the winning player at least once during the tournament.

Champion Options for Faker’s Skin

Faker’s choices for a potential skin are likely limited to Azir, Orianna, and Sylas, based on his play during this year’s Worlds. Yet, there are complications. If T1 already has a skin for the same champion from a previous victory, Riot may request a different selection.

The Possibility of a Legendary Skin

Despite these limitations, fans remain hopeful. Although there hasn’t been a Worlds Legendary skin for Azir before, this shouldn’t deter the possibility of granting Faker a skin that epitomizes his moniker, the “Unstoppable Demon King.”

A Unique Honor for Faker

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The idea of honoring Faker with an exclusive skin or allowing him to design his own champion is thrilling for the community. Such a tribute would be fitting for a player of his caliber and influence in the League of Legends world.

Historic Moment for Faker

While the prospect of a special skin for Faker is exciting, it all hinges on T1’s performance against Weibo in the upcoming final. If T1 wins, it could be a historic moment not only for the team but also for the legacy of one of the greatest players in League of Legends esports history.