Faker to Headline League of Legends Hall of Fame and Receive Exclusive Ahri Skin

Faker to Headline League of Legends Hall of Fame and Receive Exclusive Ahri Skin

7. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

A leaked video reveals that Faker will be the inaugural inductee into the highly anticipated League of Legends Hall of Fame, a tribute space dedicated to the esports legends of Riot Games featuring exclusive cosmetics and content.

For over a decade, fans of competitive League of Legends have dreamt of honoring the icons who have kept us on the edge of our seats tournament after tournament.

Honoring Legends in League of Legends Esports

Whether through groundbreaking plays or sheer dedication, these players deserve a physical place in the annals of a game that has become one of the world’s most significant in just a matter of years.

Faker T1 Worlds 2022

Creating the League of Legends Hall of Fame

Riot Games recognizes the power of nostalgia among players and is fulfilling the dreams of many by establishing the Hall of Fame—a celestial gallery reserved for the chosen few, brimming with stars.

Faker: A Hall of Fame Pioneer

The Hall of Fame, essentially an exhibit of legends, will allow Riot Games to give League of Legends fans a tangible way to commemorate iconic figures, and it’s only fitting that it begins with Faker.

Riot Games inadvertently leaked details of Faker’s Hall of Fame induction, featuring a spectacular horizontal scroll cinematic highlighting the most iconic moments of League of Legends’ Greatest of All Time (GOAT), with nods to his standout characters.

Exclusive Ahri Skin for Faker

Faker will receive a unique Ahri skin—not as a member of T1 or for winning Worlds, but solely for being himself and for an unparalleled legacy unmatched by any other player.

Additionally, a special event will be dedicated to Faker, celebrating his illustrious career in League of Legends, which continues to evolve as he defends the World Championship title in Europe this year.

As this is a leak, we cannot confirm the exact date of the Hall of Fame unveiling, but it’s slated for this year, possibly following the conclusion of MSI or before the commencement of Worlds 2024.



Prepare to witness Faker’s enshrinement as the first League of Legends Hall of Fame inductee, accompanied by an exclusive Ahri skin and a celebratory event highlighting his unmatched contributions to the game.