Faker’s Unexpected Purchase: Buying His Own Legendary SKT Zed Skin

Faker’s Unexpected Purchase: Buying His Own Legendary SKT Zed Skin

30. November 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In a turn of events that has captivated the League of Legends community, Faker, often hailed as the greatest player in the game’s history, found himself in a unique situation. During a live stream, he intended to showcase the SKT Zed skin, a cosmetic celebrating his first world championship victory, only to realize he didn’t own it in his inventory.

The Rarity of Not Owning One’s Skin

Typically, top players and content creators, especially in America, have access to their skins through the Riot Partner program. However, this incident highlights a different scenario in South Korea, where even a player of Faker’s caliber might not have automatic access to such in-game content.

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Faker’s Notable Preference for Base Skins

Faker’s general avoidance of using skins has been a long-standing topic of intrigue in the community. Unlike most players who frequently use cosmetic upgrades, Faker often opts for the base champion appearance. The reasons behind this choice have been the subject of much speculation and discussion.

The Live Stream Surprise

During his downtime, Faker, along with other T1 players, took to streaming on AfreecaTV, a popular South Korean streaming platform. In an attempt to display the World Championship skin of Zed, Faker was met with the surprise that he had yet to purchase the SKT T1 Zed skin, a decade after securing his first world title.

Faker’s Reaction and Community Buzz

Upon realizing this, Faker quickly purchased the skin to demonstrate its unique animations, especially the recall animation. This moment became one of the most talked-about and amusing highlights of the year for fans worldwide.

Accessibility to T1’s Streams

For fans interested in exploring more of T1’s content, the AfreecaTV channels of all five T1 players offer a glimpse into their gaming world. Though the content is predominantly in Korean, the platform provides English translations to cater to a global audience.

A Surprising Stream Revelation

Faker’s unexpected need to purchase his own legendary skin underscores the unique experiences and surprises that can occur even to the most celebrated figures in esports. This incident not only adds to the rich tapestry of Faker’s storied career but also provides an amusing and humanizing glimpse into the world of professional gaming.