Fake Explosives? Fans Question Fireworks in Kai Cenat and MrBeast’s Livestream

Fake Explosives? Fans Question Fireworks in Kai Cenat and MrBeast’s Livestream

4. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Fans are buzzing with skepticism after a dramatic Fourth of July livestream featuring popular streamers Kai Cenat and MrBeast. The event, which involved setting off firecrackers inside the AMP House, has left viewers debating its authenticity, particularly after AMP Davis seemingly lit the house on fire.

The Incident: A Fiery Livestream

On July 3, Kai Cenat hosted a special livestream where he invited MrBeast to join him for a Fireworks War. The event took a chaotic turn when fireworks set off inside the room appeared to ignite a fire. Viewers watched in shock as the room was engulfed in smoke and flames, leading to a frantic exit by Cenat and Davis.

Kia cenat fireworks on fire


Fans Spot Discrepancies: Staged or Real?

Not long after the stream, fans on X (formerly Twitter) began dissecting the incident, with many suggesting that the entire event might have been staged. They pointed out notable differences between the room seen in the livestream and Kai Cenat’s usual streaming setup.

Key Discrepancies Noted by Fans:

  • Room Layout: Fans observed that the room’s layout differed from previous streams.
  • Furniture Differences: A pink chair that looked out of place compared to Cenat’s usual setup with Nicki Minaj was particularly noted.
  • Staged Environment: Images shared by eagle-eyed viewers highlighted these differences, leading to widespread speculation about the room being a “staged environment.”

2024 07 04

AMP Davis’ Role: A Critical Moment

The incident reached its peak when AMP Davis entered the room and ignited the fireworks. This action caused a significant commotion and appeared to set the room on fire. A clip from the stream shows Davis lighting a firecracker, which quickly escalated into chaos, prompting both Cenat and Davis to flee the scene.

Community Reactions: Divided Opinions

Reactions to the stream have been mixed. While some fans are upset with Davis, accusing him of ruining the stream and potentially friendships, others are viewing the incident as a brilliant prank.


Fan Reactions:

  • Criticism of Davis: “He just got kicked out of the AMP and ruined friendships omfg,” wrote one fan.
  • Speculation: “Why did he ruin MrBeast’s stream?” questioned another.
  • Praise for MrBeast: Some fans praised MrBeast, calling it his best prank yet and dubbing him a “marketing genius.”

Awaiting Official Responses

As of now, neither MrBeast nor Kai Cenat have addressed the “fake” claims directly. The incident has sparked a lot of conversation and speculation within the streaming community, leaving many eagerly waiting for an official statement from the involved parties.



Whether the fiery incident during the Fourth of July livestream was genuine or staged, it has undoubtedly captured the attention of the streaming community. The debate over its authenticity continues to rage, highlighting the fine line between entertainment and reality in the world of live streaming.

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