Enter the FACEIT Overwatch 2 League Season 1: Secure Your Spot at the Esports World Cup

Enter the FACEIT Overwatch 2 League Season 1: Secure Your Spot at the Esports World Cup

28. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The excitement is palpable as FACEIT introduces the Overwatch 2 League Season 1, offering players of all skill levels the opportunity to compete for a chance to shine on the global stage at the Esports World Cup.

With a substantial $170,000 prize pool and four tiers of competition, this league promises thrilling battles and unparalleled opportunities for Overwatch enthusiasts.

About the FACEIT Overwatch 2 League

The FACEIT Overwatch 2 League represents a significant milestone for the esports platform as it ventures into the dynamic world of Overwatch 2. Designed as a community-backed initiative, this multi-divisional team league caters to PC players seeking competitive challenges and recognition on a global scale.

With its generous prize pool and structured format, the league aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive esports ecosystem within the Overwatch community.

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League Structure and Divisions

Spanning across three seasons, each lasting three months, the FACEIT Overwatch 2 League welcomes players of all backgrounds and aspirations. Whether you’re a casual gamer enjoying matches with friends or an aspiring professional seeking to make your mark, this league has something for everyone.

Featuring four distinct divisions—Open, Advanced, Expert, and Master—the league accommodates players of varying skill levels and provides a platform for growth and development.

Teams will compete in a series of matches throughout the season, with a minimum guarantee of 12 matches per team. As the season progresses, lower-ranking teams will face relegation to lower divisions, while top-performing teams will have the opportunity to advance through playoffs and secure a place in higher tiers.

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Qualification for the Esports World Cup

The pinnacle of success in the FACEIT Overwatch 2 League awaits the top teams of the Master division. At the conclusion of Season 1, these elite teams will earn direct qualification to the prestigious Esports World Cup, bypassing preliminary stages and securing a spot in the tournament finals.

This remarkable opportunity not only rewards exceptional gameplay but also elevates the stature of participating teams on the international esports stage.

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How to Register

Joining the FACEIT Overwatch 2 League Season 1 is simple. Visit the team registration link provided and complete the sign-up process with relevant information. Registration is open to 21 teams until April 24, 2024. Following registration, schedules will be released, and the league will kick off on April 28, with the first matches scheduled for April 29.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this thrilling esports journey. Register now and embark on a quest for glory in the FACEIT Overwatch 2 League Season 1.

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