FACEIT Launches the OFFSEASON OPEN for Rocket League

FACEIT Launches the OFFSEASON OPEN for Rocket League

19. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The renowned tournament organizer, FACEIT, part of the ESL FACEIT group, has unveiled the OFFSEASON OPEN – a unique out-of-season tournament tailored for Rocket League enthusiasts. Scheduled to roll out between the 20th and 22nd of October, this event welcomes every European player, offering an enticing €10,000 prize pool, all within the online realm. Participants are in for a treat with a classic 3 vs 3 competitive setup.

Tournament Breakdown

Segmented for a structured flow, the competition starts with the open qualifier round on the 20th of October. Here, the crème de la crème, the top 16 players, advance to the subsequent phase. Following this, the closed qualifier stage unfolds, fielding the elite 16, from which the formidable top eight will progress to the grand finale slated for the 22nd of October.

A Leap in the Rocket League Universe

Diverging from the significant events orchestrated by Psyonix, the game’s developer, the OFFSEASON OPEN is a fragment of a broader series of Rocket League’s off-season tournaments. These events aim not just to bridge the gap between large-scale tournaments but also to keep the viewer’s pulse racing. Moreover, they provide both pro players and hobbyists a chance to lock horns in a more laid-back and casual ambiance.

Over the years, FACEIT has carved a niche with its smaller online cups rewarding points. Now, they’re stepping up the game, testing waters with a more sizable event embellished with a heftier prize.

The Year Ahead in Rocket League

Rocket League’s calendar for the year is brimming with marquee events. Prominent among them is the Collegiate Rocket League – Psyonix’s official eSports league for North American universities. However, adding to the charm are smaller online cups, like the OFFSEASON OPEN.

Recent metrics from the last Rocket League World Championship highlighted a viewer peak of 468,292. A surge of roughly 100,000 viewers from the game’s previous most-watched event underscores Rocket League’s burgeoning popularity.

The growth of Rocket League in video games

Rocket League esports continues its ascendancy in the eSports sphere, drawing players and spectators alike. Tournaments like the OFFSEASON OPEN, helmed by experienced organizers like FACEIT, play a pivotal role in sustaining and further amplifying the game’s allure. As the event approaches, enthusiasts should keep an eye out, marking their calendars for a weekend of top-tier Rocket League action.