Exploring TFT’s Rotating Store and How It Works

Exploring TFT’s Rotating Store and How It Works

10. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games is set to introduce the Rotating Store to Teamfight Tactics (TFT) with the upcoming patch 14.11 on Thursday, May 30th. This new feature will provide players with enhanced customization options and control over their aesthetic experience in the game.

What is the Rotating Store?

The Rotating Store is a new feature designed to empower players with more decisionmaking capabilities when selecting specific aesthetic elements for their TFT matches. Through this store, players can purchase a rotating selection of aesthetic items, including Mythic and Prestigious Strategists, Arenas, Kabums, and more.

05032024 Rotating shop seasonal ui

How It Works: Kingdom Crystals and Mythic Medallions

The Rotating Store operates using two types of currency: Kingdom Crystals and Mythic Medallions. Kingdom Crystals are obtained from events, drops in Treasure Realms, and through free and paid passes. On the other hand, Mythic Medallions are exclusively acquired from Treasure Realms.

The Rotating Store will offer a diverse range of aesthetic items that will change over time. From new Mythic and Prestigious Strategists to Arenas and Kabums, players will have the opportunity to find what they’re looking for in this ever-evolving store.

Store Sections: Mythic and Seasonal

The store is divided into two main sections: Mythic and Seasonal. The Mythic section offers a selection of rare and highquality Strategists, Arenas, and Kabums, available for purchase with Mythic Medallions. Meanwhile, the Seasonal section provides a wider variety of aesthetic items, available for purchase with Kingdom Crystals.

Treasure Realm Updates

Alongside the introduction of the Rotating Store, Treasure Realms will receive several updates. Players can now obtain Kingdom Crystals and Mythic Medallions as possible loot from Treasure Realms, giving them more control over the content they receive from these rolls.

Additionally, players will also be able to redeem Mythic Medallions for guaranteed content, offering an alternative to the previous anti-bad luck system.

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The introduction of the Rotating Store and updates to Treasure Realms reflect Riot Games’ commitment to listening to community feedback and continuously improving the TFT gaming experience. These changes are expected to provide players with a greater sense of control and customization over their aesthetic experience in the game.

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