All the Latest LEGO Fortnite Leaks: Catapults, New Creatures, and More!

All the Latest LEGO Fortnite Leaks: Catapults, New Creatures, and More!

27. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The gaming world is abuzz with rumors that LEGO Fortnite is set to receive a significant update soon. Leaks of new additions such as catapults, new creatures, weapons, and more are circulating online. Here’s a comprehensive summary of all these leaks.

Engaging in LEGO Fortnite’s Dynamic World

Playing LEGO Fortnite is akin to stepping into the vibrant and ever-changing world of the popular Battle Royale title. Players get to enjoy the thrills of classic survival gameplay, visiting various biomes, building structures, and fighting alongside their favorite characters.

Physical Interaction with Beloved Blocks

Thanks to the meticulous recreation in LEGO style, the gameplay experience is elevated, allowing players to physically interact with the blocks they love. The popularity of LEGO Fortnite is a testament to the significance of both brands.

Anticipated Updates from Epic Games

After over a week in the market, the game has garnered considerable attention and inspired creativity among players. However, some gameplay elements seen in the live Big Bang event were missing. Officially announced by Epic Games, leaks about the upcoming 2024 update have started surfacing online.

Travelling Merchants

New NPCs, Travelling Merchants, will be added to trade items and resources with players. There will be three types of merchants, each with unique interaction lines:

  • Lobo: “I’m Lobo… I trade in everything you need for construction.”
  • Zorro: “I’m Zorro. Hungry? I sell snacks!”
  • Mapache: “I’m Mapache. Bring me pretty junk, and I’ll trade it for all kinds of scrap!”

Currently, there is no known currency in the game for these transactions.

Create Your Own Zipline

An exciting leaked feature is the zipline post, rumored to be included in a future update. Inspired by games like Death Stranding, this tool will allow players to create their own traversal tool in the world of LEGO Fortnite.

Catapult Weapon

The much-anticipated catapult weapon, seen in the LEGO Fortnite trailer, will soon be available. Players can build and load catapults to destroy structures from a distance.

Compass for Navigation

Navigating the procedurally generated world of LEGO Fortnite can be challenging. The addition of a compass will aid players, especially newcomers to survival games, in exploring the map.

Battle Royale Cannon

A classic item from Fortnite Battle Royale, the Pirate Cannon, will make its way into LEGO Fortnite. It’s rumored to function similarly to the Battle Royale version, where players can fly far or shoot projectiles.

New Creatures

Online leaks have revealed the addition of numerous animals and enemies, such as bears, bats, eagles, deer, beetles, and more, likely to enhance the game’s mob population.

More Food Options

With a current limited selection of food and potions, leaked information suggests an expansion of food items in the game. These include hunger-reducing items like cookies, mushrooms, pies, apple juice, and more, along with bonus foods that temporarily boost abilities.

Gravity Gun

A leaked upcoming weapon is the gravity gun, which will allow players to grab objects and hurl them at enemies or other players.

Bow and Arrow

Leaks have indicated the introduction of a bow in LEGO Fortnite, although details are currently scarce.

With these exciting new features, LEGO Fortnite’s 2024 update is shaping up to be a significant enhancement to the game, promising a richer and more diverse gameplay experience. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.