Excitement Surrounding The Event of the Year: Ibai’s Event Sells Out in Less Than Two Hours

Excitement Surrounding The Event of the Year: Ibai’s Event Sells Out in Less Than Two Hours

12. April 2024 by Never

Ibai and his team have done it again. Tickets for The Event of the Year IV sold out in just an hour and a half, as confirmed by the content creator himself during his livestream. The Santiago Bernabéu stadium will be adorned for a night of watching streamers step into the ring.

Rapid Ticket Sales

High Demand: The tickets with the best visibility and those for the pit, as well as the more affordable ones, were the first to sell out. In less than fifteen minutes, they vanished from the website, as revealed by Ibai and Reven during the livestream. Over 150,000 people accessed the sales portal within moments of tickets becoming available.

Swift Sell-Out: Tickets went on sale at 9:30 PM on April 11 and were sold out by 11:00 PM. Ticket holders will have to wait until July 10 to download them, a measure taken to mitigate resale and counterfeiting. The event will take place on July 13.

Clarity Amidst Confusion

Ticketing Process Clarified: There was some confusion during the livestream regarding when tickets sold out. It’s important to note that the ticketing system temporarily reserves tickets when added to the shopping cart, but they are released back into the pool if not purchased within a few minutes.

Limited Availability: Approximately 71,300 tickets were available for sale today, representing a significant portion of the stadium’s capacity. However, sponsors and organizers reserve a portion for invitations and giveaways. Despite the “sold out” announcement, roughly a thousand tickets remained in users’ shopping carts.

The Event of the Year IV: A Spectacle of Excitement and Fervor

 As anticipation builds for The Event of the Year IV, the rapid sell-out of tickets underscores the excitement and fervor of fans eager to witness this spectacle. With discussions heating up around the matchups and special guests yet to be announced, the event promises to be an unforgettable experience.