Esports World Cup Foundation Announces the “EWC Club Program”: Key Insights

Esports World Cup Foundation Announces the “EWC Club Program”: Key Insights

2. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Esports World Cup Foundation recently unveiled the EWC Club Program, a revolutionary initiative designed to foster sustainable development among esports organizations. This program is set to reshape how esports entities engage with global competitions, particularly the upcoming Esports World Cup.

Understanding the EWC Club Program

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Selection and Participation

  • 28 Clubs: The program will feature 28 esports organizations, with 22 receiving direct invites and six chosen through Open Applications.
  • Application Window: Organizations can apply from February 1st to 15th.
  • Eligibility: Clubs with a history of success in domestic or international esports are encouraged to apply.

Goals and Rewards

The program’s primary objective is to amplify viewership and engagement for the Esports World Cup. Clubs that excel in driving audience numbers and social engagement will receive an annual six-figure payout.

One-Time Stipend in 2024

An additional incentive includes a one-time stipend in 2024, allowing teams to expand into new titles featured in the Esports World Cup.

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Qualification Criteria

Participation in the EWC Club Program does not guarantee automatic qualification for the Esports World Cup. Teams must still qualify through traditional means.

Application Process for the EWC Club Program

  1. Application Phase: Clubs must fill out a form on the official website, highlighting their past successes, future strategies, and fan engagement approaches.
  2. Shortlist Phase: Selected clubs will provide more detailed information about their application.
  3. Pitch Phase: Finalists will present their case live, showcasing their potential contribution to the competition.
  4. Final Selection: Based on performance in the previous stages, the selection committee will choose the participating organizations.

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About Esports World Cup

The Esports World Cup, announced in late October 2023, represents Saudi Arabia’s significant leap in the esports industry. Building on the success of Gamers8, this competition aims to “push the boundaries of the industry”. More details about the summer 2024 event in Riyadh will be disclosed in the coming weeks.

A New Era for Esports Organizations

The EWC Club Program is a groundbreaking step in evolving esports, offering a sustainable and engaging platform for organizations. With its focus on viewership, engagement, and strategic expansion, the program is poised to become a cornerstone of global esports competitions.