EVO Japan 2024: Highlights of the Fighting Game Event

EVO Japan 2024: Highlights of the Fighting Game Event

1. May 2024 by Never

EVO Japan 2024 recently concluded its highly anticipated fighting game event held from April 26-29 at Ariake GYM-EX in Tokyo. This renowned tournament showcased multiple winners along with exciting announcements for their respective gaming franchises.

Titles such as Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, Tekken 8, The King of Fighters XV, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter 6, Under Night In-Birth 2 Sys:Celes, and Granblue Fantasy: Versus -Rising- featured their respective tournaments, accompanied by significant announcements within the genre. Here are the most noteworthy highlights:

Tekken 8

Tekken 8 introduces additional seasons with the arrival of Eddy Gordo, along with a battle pass. Now, a brand-new fighter joins the roster—Lidia, the Prime Minister of Poland and a skilled combatant.

Lidia is the second character in this fighter pass, scheduled for a summer release. Additionally, each character will receive updates to refine their movesets for a better gameplay experience. The first round of free content will include a new stage called Seaside Resort and a photography mode, arriving in summer.

Fatal Fury: City of Wolves

Fans will recognize Marco Rodrigues, whose fighting style resembles Ryu from Street Fighter. This Brazilian warrior, dressed in a stylish white kimono, joins Fatal Fury: City of Wolves with his Kyokugenryu fighting style. Discover the surprises this character brings as he debuts in the game, showcasing unique combat mechanics.

Guilty Gear Strive

Slayer will be the final character of the third season in Guilty Gear Strive, confirmed by Arc System Works. With a redesign reminiscent of previous titles, Slayer arrives on May 30th with the Amber Fest with Kind Neighbors stage, featuring dynamic edge-breaking levels. Prepare for the upcoming fourth season of exciting content.

Street Fighter 6

The closure of Street Fighter 6’s first season welcomes the iconic and deadly Akuma. Capcom has redesigned Akuma to showcase his evolving appearance and signature fighting style. Akuma arrives on May 22nd with a themed battle pass, offering new costumes, moves, online features, and surprises for fans.

Exciting Updates Await in the World of Fighting Games: Classic Costumes, New Moves, and More

Stay tuned for classic costumes, new moves, cameos, online functions, secrets, and more exciting updates from the world of fighting games!