Evil Geniuses CEO says goodbye to her job

Evil Geniuses CEO says goodbye to her job

2. September 2023 by miranda angeles

News recently broke that shocked the VALORANT community. The organization’s CEO left after Evil Geniuses won the VALORANT Champions 2023 title.

Changes in the Evil Geniuses organization

Evil Geniuses is undergoing some significant changes after experiencing great success by winning one of the most important trophies, such as the VALORANT Champions 2023. One of the most important changes that has been announced is that Nicole LaPointe Jameson, the executive director of the Evil Geniuses organization, has officially left her position on August 31.

The organization’s statement does not specify the details that led to Jameson’s decision to leave her position. However, it is said that after four and a half years leading the organization, she can leave with her head held high and her heart full.

On the other hand, the statement also mentions the victory of the VCT 2023 Championship, which was undoubtedly the most unexpected story of the entire league. Let’s remember that the team started the year as one of the worst-ranked teams in the region. EG managed to qualify for the Tokyo Master thanks to a huge upset that slipped through their fingers, and they finished in second place. However, they managed to break the curse of second place and take first place and the trophy at the Champions.

For her part, Jameson comments that the win was special as they could go against the grain through merit equity and inclusion, making a significant niche for themselves in esports.

Uncertainties about EG’s VALORANT squad

Since the creation of VALORANT’s EG workforce in the first year of franchising, there has been a lot of uncertainty about alienation. There were many questions and potential problems surrounding this team. However, all of those were resolved. Now, the first problem the team experienced was the off-season signings, other than the star BcJ. The other problem was that the organization decided to have two full lineups. However, this helped to have internal games and avoid problems of possible substitutions.

A push to unite the squads when the team was having problems was the signing of Demon1. As the months went by, EG experienced a rapid rise until they became the best lineup in America. The team had a new star duelist to play with. And the same players questioned in the preseason by casters and fans alike became critical pieces to the team’s victory.

EG’s growth in esports

During Jameson’s tenure, the organization didn’t just compete in VALORANT. His executive director had the vision to expand the organization into different esports, so EG created a CS:GO squad and a LoL squad, among others.

During Jameson’s tenure, we could also see how the organization achieved different victories. However, his time at EG has come to an end. Now, the new executive director will be Chris DeAppolonio. With this change, the organization hopes to reach new heights.