Europe Loses 3 Slots in Next CS2 Major Following Brazil and Asia’s Dominance at PGL Copenhagen

Europe Loses 3 Slots in Next CS2 Major Following Brazil and Asia’s Dominance at PGL Copenhagen

20. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The first CS2 Major at PGL Copenhagen is still ongoing, but the Americas and the Asia-Pacific regions have already made a significant impact by diminishing the European dominance at the next Major.

Shifting Slot Distribution

With three Brazilian teams, including paiN, Imperial, and FURIA, alongside The MongolZ from Mongolia, advancing to the Elimination Stage of the PGL Copenhagen Major, the allocation of regional slots for the next CS2 Major undergoes a substantial transformation.

mongolz at pgl copenhagen

Americas’ Triumph

The Americas will now send a total of seven teams to the Perfect World Major in Shanghai. This increase is a result of the default three slots allocated to the region, Complexity’s direct qualification for the Elimination Stage via the RMR, and the advancement of the three Brazilian teams through the Opening Stage.

Asia-Pacific’s Breakthrough

The qualification of The MongolZ for the Opening Stage grants an additional third slot to the Asia-Pacific region at the next Major, supplementing the default two slots already allotted to the region.


Celebrating the Milestone

This change marks a significant milestone for both regions. Asia-Pacific will be sending more than two teams to a Major for the first time since the inception of the Regional Major Rankings system. Meanwhile, Americas will be sending the most teams to a Major since the RMR’s introduction and the highest number ever since MLG Columbus in 2016.

Impact on Europe

With the increased slots for Americas and Asia-Pacific, the total number of European teams at the next Major reduces from 17 to 14. This figure includes the default three slots, the seven teams directly qualifying for the Elimination Stage through RMRs, and the four teams advancing from the Opening Stage.

image cb0591


As the landscape of competitive CS2 shifts, Europe must adapt to the evolving dynamics of regional dominance. With a reduced presence in the upcoming Major, European teams will face fiercer competition, emphasizing the need for strategic planning and exceptional performance to secure their positions on the global stage.

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