Estral Esports Aiming for Victory with All-Latin Roster in LLA 2024

Estral Esports Aiming for Victory with All-Latin Roster in LLA 2024

25. December 2023 by Never

Estral Esports, a prominent name in the professional League of Legends competitive scene, is gearing up for the 2024 LLA (Liga Latinoamérica) season. Their goal is clear: to clinch their first LLA championship title with a roster comprising entirely of Latin players.

Building a Dream Team

The team, popularly known as ‘Las Águilas’, is set to leave behind its history of final-round defeats with a refreshed lineup. The blend of key players from the previous season and new regional talents aims to boost the team’s synergy and performance.

The New Roster for LLA 2024

  • Cristóbal “Zothve” Arróspide (Top Lane)
  • Brandon “Josedeodo” Villegas (Jungle)
  • Gabriel “Ackerman” Aparicio (Support, formerly from Infinity)
  • Cristián “Cody” Quispe (Mid Lane, formerly from Six Karma)
  • Brian “Snaker” Distefano (ADC, formerly from Six Karma)

Zothve and Josedeodo, key players from the previous setup, will continue to represent Estral in the top lane and jungle. Ackerman joins as a support from Infinity, reuniting with his former Infinity teammates, Cody and Snaker, enhancing the team’s familiarity and coordination.

Strengthening with Regional Talent

The commitment to a Latin roster extends beyond the players to the coaching staff as well, with Eduardo “imOdraude” Morales leading as the head coach. He will be supported by Roberto “Snok” Coello, Andrés “Gankkkk” Castro, and Kevinn “PR1D3” Leon as the Strategic Coach.

The Strategy Behind

This all-Latin approach is not just about regional pride. It’s a strategic move to build a team that resonates with the local esports community and leverages shared cultural and linguistic backgrounds for better communication and teamwork.

Estral Esports Unveils All-Latin Roster for LLA 2024: A New Era Begins

Estral Esports’ decision to field an all-Latin roster for the LLA 2024 is a bold move that could redefine their gameplay and strategy. With a blend of experienced players and fresh talent, Estral is poised to make a significant impact in the upcoming season. It’s a moment of high anticipation for La Sexta and League of Legends fans across Latin America.