LoL Esports World Cup: Innovative Prize and Trophy System

LoL Esports World Cup: Innovative Prize and Trophy System

3. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Esports World Cup, one of the most anticipated events in the esports world, is about to begin. This tournament promises not only intense competition but also a revolutionary prize structure that allows teams to showcase their progress in a unique way.

In this article, we will explore the details of this innovative trophy system and how it will function throughout the event.

Participation of Elite Teams

The event will bring together some of the top teams from various esports leagues:

  • LPL: Top Esports and Bili Bili Gaming
  • LCK: T1 and Gen.G
  • LEC: Fnatic and G2
  • LCS: FlyQuest and Team Liquid

These teams will gather in Saudi Arabia to compete for a significant monetary prize and the honor of taking home a distinctive trophy.

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Components of the Trophy System

The Esports World Cup will introduce a trophy system composed of several elements:

  • Customized Keys: Each team will receive a key consisting of an inner part and an outer frame.
  • Game Trophy: Awarded to the winners of each competition, where the champion’s key will be inserted into the frame.
  • Championship Club Trophy: This will be the main trophy, symbolizing the overall victory of the tournament.
  • Progress Totem: A physical block displayed in Riyah, showcasing the teams’ progress throughout the tournament.

How the System Works

  1. Customized Keys: Each team starts with a unique key.
  2. Game Trophy: Winning a competition awards the team a game trophy, where their key is inserted into the frame.
  3. Progress Totem: The totem will display the teams’ keys and be located in Riyah, allowing spectators to track the tournament’s progress.
  4. Elimination Keys: Eliminated teams must surrender their keys, which will be destroyed and placed at the base of the totem in a resin frame.
  5. Commemorative Keys: Eliminated teams receive a different key as a keepsake, engraved with their final standing.
  6. Winner’s Privilege: The winning team can choose three rival keys to place at the base of their trophy, symbolizing their dominance.

Impact on the Competition

This innovative system not only adds excitement and symbolism to the Esports World Cup but also provides teams and fans with a tangible way to follow and celebrate the tournament’s progress. The display of keys and trophies on the physical totem in Riyah promises to be a spectacle, raising the bar for prize presentations in esports.

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The Esports World Cup is set to offer a unique and unforgettable experience for both competitors and spectators. With its innovative trophy and prize system, this tournament will not only stand out for its competitive level but also for its ability to innovate and surprise in the realm of esports.

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