Esports World Cup Foundation’s Support Program: Introducing the 30 Selected Teams

Esports World Cup Foundation’s Support Program: Introducing the 30 Selected Teams

7. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Esports World Cup Foundation (EWCF) has unveiled the 30 teams chosen for its supportive program, aimed at fostering sustainable infrastructure for multidisciplinary Esports clubs worldwide. Here’s a closer look at the selected teams and the impact of this initiative:

List of 30 Selected Teams:

  1. 100 Thieves
  2. Blacklist International
  3. Cloud9
  4. Fnatic
  5. FURIA Esports
  6. Karmine Corp
  7. Gen.G
  8. Guild Esports
  9. Gaimin Gladiator
  10. G2 Esports
  11. Movistar KOI
  12. NRG Esports
  13. Ninjas in Pyjamas
  14. Navi
  15. LGD Gaming
  16. OG Esports
  17. LOUD
  18. Spacestation
  19. Team Liquid
  20. Team Falcons
  21. Team Secret
  22. T1
  23. Talon Esports
  24. Virtus Pro
  25. Twisted Minds
  26. Tundra Esports
  27. Team Vitality
  28. TSM
  29. Weibo Gaming


Program Overview and Objectives:

  • The EWCF’s program aims to provide significant funding (six-figure amounts) to participating clubs, enabling them to expand their competitive footprint across various Esports titles.
  • Benefits include re-entry into previous games with established histories, entry into new popular game genres, international market expansion through player recruitment, and content creation to engage fans.

Key Achievements and Impact:

  • Game Diversification: Clubs have re-entered familiar games and explored new genres, enhancing their competitive diversity.
  • Global Expansion: Clubs are expanding beyond their regions, bolstering a robust global Esports infrastructure.
  • Engaging Content Creation: The program supports clubs in crafting compelling narratives and engaging content, attracting a broader fan base.

Selection Criteria and Global Representation:

  • The selection process considered clubs’ Esports pedigree, strategic vision, and creative fan interaction. Over 150 applications were received and evaluated based on these criteria.
  • The 30 chosen teams represent diverse regions (Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and the Middle East), reflecting the EWCF’s global reach and impact.

Program Impact and Path to Esports World Cup:

  • While inclusion in the program is prestigious, participation in the Esports World Cup remains merit-based. Clubs and players must qualify independently for each title, emphasizing competitive excellence.

The EWCF’s initiative not only supports Esports clubs but also cultivates a vibrant, inclusive, and competitive Esports ecosystem on a global scale. Congratulations to the selected teams, and best of luck on their journey towards Esports excellence!


The Esports World Cup Foundation’s support program marks a pivotal moment for 30 elite Esports teams, fostering global growth and competitive excellence. With substantial funding and strategic opportunities, these clubs are poised to expand their horizons and engage fans worldwide, shaping the future of Esports.