Esports World Cup: Complete Schedule of All Disciplines

Esports World Cup: Complete Schedule of All Disciplines

11. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The highly anticipated Esports World Cup is just around the corner, promising a historic event in the entertainment industry. Set to take place from July 3 to August 25 in Saudi Arabia, this mega-event will feature a wide range of video games, ensuring an exciting experience for all esports fans.

Week 1: League of Legends and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The action kicks off with League of Legends, setting a high standard for the following weeks. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will also be featured, ensuring a thrilling start to the tournament.

Key Highlights

  • League of Legends: Strategic team battles and high-stakes gameplay.
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: Fast-paced action and tactical maneuvers.

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Week 2: Dota 2 and Free Fire

Dota 2 takes center stage in the second week, presenting intense competition. Meanwhile, Free Fire showcases its rapid gameplay in the battle royale genre, offering a contrasting but equally exciting experience.

Key Highlights

  • Dota 2: Deep strategy and team coordination.
  • Free Fire: Quick matches and adrenaline-filled action.

Week 3: Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and PUBG Mobile

The third week continues with Dota 2 and introduces Counter-Strike, which will be the main attraction. PUBG Mobile will also feature, providing a mix of tactical depth and intense competition.

Key Highlights

  • Counter-Strike: Tactical shooting and team strategy.
  • PUBG Mobile: Survival and fast-paced combat.

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Week 4: Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 captures the spotlight in the fourth week. Teams will navigate various maps and modes, emphasizing synergy and quick decision-making.

Key Highlights

  • Overwatch 2: Rich graphics and diverse hero selection.

Week 5: Rainbow Six Siege, Honor of Kings, and Apex Legends

The fifth week brings a trio of exciting games: Rainbow Six Siege, Honor of Kings, and Apex Legends.

Key Highlights

  • Rainbow Six Siege: Tactical shooter with destructible environments.
  • Honor of Kings: Popular MOBA with intense battles.
  • Apex Legends: Dynamic battle royale gameplay.

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Week 6: Street Fighter 6, Fortnite, and Teamfight Tactics

Fighting game enthusiasts will enjoy Street Fighter 6 during the sixth week. Fortnite will showcase the UEFN, and Teamfight Tactics will feature 4v4 competitions.

Key Highlights

  • Street Fighter 6: High-energy fighting action.
  • Fortnite: Creative and competitive gameplay.
  • Teamfight Tactics: Strategic team battles.

Week 7: EAFC 24 and Starcraft 2

The penultimate week features EAFC 24, promising exciting football matches, and Starcraft 2, a legendary real-time strategy game.

Key Highlights

  • EAFC 24: High-stakes football gameplay.
  • Starcraft 2: Deep strategic planning and execution.

La Esports World Cup pondra 60 millones de dolares en juego Premio (1)

Week 8: Rocket League, Tekken 8, PUBG Battlegrounds, and Rennsport

The final week of the Esports World Cup offers a variety of titles: Rocket League, Tekken 8, PUBG Battlegrounds, and Rennsport.

Key Highlights

  • Rocket League: Fast cars and football action.
  • Tekken 8: Intense fighting game action.
  • PUBG Battlegrounds: Survival battle royale.
  • Rennsport: High-speed racing excitement.

Surprise at the Esports World Cup: Valorant Excluded Due to Scheduling Conflicts


Whether you are a hardcore fan or a casual viewer, the Esports World Cup offers a spectacle of skill, strategic depth, and pure entertainment. Each week promises new thrills and unforgettable moments as players from around the globe compete for pride, prizes, and the title of world champion in their respective games.